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It’s undeniable, Ride Engine changed the harness market forever when they released the 2016 hard shell series. For the 2017 harness, Ride Engine built upon the same great design with subtle refinements to solidify it as the worlds best harness, until now…

Trip Forman testing the Ride Engine 12K Carbon Elite in Namotu, Fiji. | Photo Rodd Owen

Enter the 2018 Ride Engine Harness. Once again, Ride Engine has changed the game with simple but highly effective changes to their design. We all loved the original design. unparalleled support, great durability, superior fit, what’s not to like? How about foam that packs out, a spreader bar that can loosen while riding, a single strap system that does not offer even pull and simple closure system that can easily open on the fly.

All of our previous complaints have been answered with the worlds most comfortable, customizable, and secure harness on the market. So whats new?


Fusion Foam:

The new foam used in the backplate is designed to provide more padding where you need it and it is constructed of denser material to maintain comfort and hold over a long period of time. Once you lock the harness down, it’s not going anywhere.


Speed Lock Closure System:

A new closure system may seem like a small improvement but this one really is a game changer. The double strap system on either side creates a more secure and customizable connection that is less likely to come undone mid-session due to the metal closure.


Spreader Bar:

The new spreader bar allows greater slider bar mobility and the dense neoprene backing is more comfortable against your body.


Finish and style:

Ride Engine updated the belt closure system with a high quality velcro and thick neoprene on the backside for optimal comfort. The whole harness collection has also been treated with a new style. From the subtle printing throughout to the highlight colors, these new harnesses look sick and come with the performance to match the style.




The 2018 Ride Engine harness line offers the best kite to rider connection on the market. If you have been riding a 2016 or 2017 Ride Engine harness, you will undoubtedly love the new updates. For those of you who have not converted to a hard shell harness, you cannot beat the 2018 Ride Engine lineup.

RYANOSMOND-5279REAL coach, NIkohl Miller in The Slick. | Photo Ryan Osmond

REAL Reviews:

“I recently had the opportunity to try the new Ride Engine Elite Harness in Namotu, Fiji. I’ve been riding the original Ride Engine Harnesses since they came out two years ago.

I was really impressed with the new 2018 model because they addressed the shortcomings of the previous model – that being the webbing straps constantly stretching and needing to be tightened. The new version has straps that are virtually stretch free, and this means you can adjust to your preferred fitting and then go kite and never have to adjust them again. This is huge because on the previous models you would have to stop kiting and tighten them several times per session.

The new spreader bar system works really well too. I use the rope spreader bar which relieves pressure points and opens up your body rotation while kiting in the waves.

The only thing negative about this Harness is the length of the webbing straps. This can be fixed by cutting/burning them to correct length after a few sessions. Remember to cut off less than you think you need to because you can’t add it back on after you cut it. You can also grab the harness at these new straps to pull it down into the correct position after a bad wipeout. Awesome harness it’s as close to perfect as you can get!” – Trip Forman

“Been upgrading my Ride Engine every year since 2016 with the improvement they have offered each year. 2018 has seen the most improvements to date and they have checked all the boxes for how to make great harness the best ever.

*Updated spreader bar system for easier on and off ✅
*Straps stay locked and didn’t have any slipping or have to tighten when in use. didn’t even have to double back the strap. ✅
*Updated Belt to be softer with upgraded Velcro to keep it locked on. ✅
*Updated padding to be even softer around the waist comfort.✅

Couple items that would still like to see improvements on would be:

*The tightening straps are way, way too long. Have to shorten them so they don’t flop around when riding.

*Attachment point for the new short kite safety leashes on the Spreader bar. had to add a 4 inch extension for my Liquid force leash when using the sliding rope set up. Not an issue when using the hook. Easy fix as well on my end just used a extra surfboard leash string to.” – Thomas Kogut

“The 2018 Ride Engine is my favorite harness. My back has been messed up since I was a kid and hours in a traditional harness would leave me crippled.

With the onset of the Ride Engine my sessions have been much longer and now I have no pain at the end. The deep lumbar locks the harness in place and gives my back plenty of support.

The upgrades of better foam, better velcro and the dual strap closure system are well received. The dual straps keep the spreader bar locked in place with no slippage. It is totally AWESOME!

I use the rope spreader bar in the surf and it really frees up your hips to rip more turns. The hook is nice for boosting in the Slick.

Overall the Ride Engine is my favorite harness on the market. There are some other good hard shell harnesses coming out, but none does the job like the Ride Engine.” – Matt Nuzzo

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