2017 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia Results & Recap

The 2017 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia lined up with what some have been calling a “perfect storm”. Hurricane Jose posted up just offshore of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, sending pumping swell and strong wind for conditions that tested competitors limits in powerful surf. 24 men and 6 women entered to compete for $10,000 in prize money, the stakes have never been higher! The stage was set, conditions were firing and the competitors put on an incredible show.

MSW Forecast
Magic Seaweed Cape Hatteras Forecast
Jason Slezak undercover | photo by Ryan Osmond

The forecast leading up to the event showed more promise than we have ever seen. With winds up to 40 mph and a swell up to 18’ forecasted, we were sure to witness the raw power of mother nature. Would we be able to compete? How big is too big? These are questions we all had before the event but were confidently answered during. With a hurricane on the map we’re either going to score, or get rocked on Cape Hatteras. Fortunately, Jose stayed far enough away to send conditions that pushed the limits but remained shreddable without inflicting too much damage.

Gage Fichter slashing | photo Ryan Osmond
Emily Reich getting it | photo Ryan Osmond
Jessie Kilgour rips | photo Ryan Osmond
Annie Carrier dropping in | photo Ryan Osmond

On the first day of competition, Sunday, September 17th, the wind filled in throughout the afternoon and Round 1 kicked off at 3 pm. If you are familiar with Cape Hatteras, you know it’s all about scouting locations and being flexible about where you are going to take sessions. REAL Watersports and the Cape Hatteras National Park Service lined up permits to hold the competition on all corners of the island to compete in the most favorable conditions. Day 1 brought strong winds to the Tri-Village area, so the crew set up at the Rodanthe Beach Access to compete in winds in the upper twenties with well overhead surf until sundown. Both Men’s and Women’s open divisions competed and got some great rides in big, hollow conditions. Southeast swell with Northeast wind created interesting conditions, with minimal current taking riders upwind and most of the good waves coming in as against the grain rights, the session was truly unique. With the first, non-elimination round completed, the competitors and staff retired to rest up for the following day’s stronger conditions.

Mark Miedema is no stranger to the barrel | photo Ryan Osmond
Mark Miedama, Winner of the Chucktown Charger Award | photo Ryan Osmond

With a slight shift in swell and wind directions, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse became the ideal competition venue. Heats began at 9am and ran all the way through the evening when the men’s final round was completed. As the day progressed the heats became more and more competitive. With local underdogs like Esben Boxer and Brock Skiperdene taking on international pro’s like Jason Slezak and Reider Decker, the heats were full of tension, stoke and some serious competition. The waves were well overhead all day and everyone had their chance to pull into the barrel and claim bragging rights. The building conditions matched the building competition with the semi-final and final rounds being absolutely insane.

Jason Slezak setting up | photo Eric Wojciechowski

2017 marked the year that the women stepped up and charged gigantic conditions, Gage Fichter and Emily Reich both stood out with incredible rides, Jessie Kilgour and Annie Carrier pushed their limits and rode harder than ever. Reider Decker’s nearly infinite local knowledge and experience showed through his highly calculated attacks under the lip, while Mark Miedema consistently showed no fear highlining into seemingly impossible barrels. Jason Slezak was another standout, his strategic approach to long rides showed clearly as he stylishly carved apart wave after wave.

Reider Decker mutilates waves | photo by Ryan Osmond
Reider Decker king of style | photo by Ryan Osmond

The competitors, staff and spectators were all awestruck by the conditions provided by Hurricane Jose, September never disappoints. If you ever want to experience the Outer Banks at its finest and be a part of an incredible event, don’t miss next year’s Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia September 15th – 21st, 2018.

2017 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Results:

Men’s Division
1st Reider Decker $4000
2nd Mark Miedama $2500
3rd Jason Slezak $1500
4th Esben Boxer
4th Will Sizemore
4th Luke Johnson
7th Brock Skiperdene
7th Matt Keenan
7th Evan Netsch
10th Nick Baines
10th Billy Ackerman
10th Robert Bisantz
10th Doug Dockray
10th Brandon Cordina
10th Jonathan Wilken
16th Cody Cornett
16th Rich Greenup
16th Nate Scheu
16th Jason McCaffrey
16th Ryan Lamb
16th Glen Morden
16th Chris Hussell
16th Alex Kappes
16th Chris Shenton

Women’s Division
1st Gage Fichter $800
1st Emily Reich $800
3rd Annie Carrier $200
3rd Jessie Kilgour $200
5th Adrienne Kina
6th Tonia Farman

Chucktown Charger Award
Mark Miedama

1st place: Reider Decker 2nd place: Mark Miedama 3rd place: Jason Slezak | photo by Ryan Osmond
1st place: Reider Decker 2nd place: Mark Miedama 3rd place: Jason Slezak | photo Ryan Osmond
Gage Fichter & Emily Reich tie for 1st, Jessie Kilgour & Annie Carrier tie for 3rd | photo Ryan Osmond
Gage Fichter & Emily Reich tie for 1st, Jessie Kilgour & Annie Carrier tie for 3rd | photo Ryan Osmond
2017 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia Riders & Staff | photo by Ryan Osmond
2017 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia Riders & Staff | photo Ryan Osmond

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