2011 Fall Session Recap

September is just around the corner and there is a real buzz in the air in Cape Hatteras. Everyone knows that some of the best sessions of the year are just around the corner and we can hardly contain our excitement.

Over the next few months we are going to be drip feeding you with wild tales of success (and failure) as we attempt to make the most of everything Cape Hatteras has to offer.

To whet your appetite, here is our surf diary from September 2011. This is not edited; it’s been lifted directly from our delusional scrawling.
Sat 3rd -> Lighthouse super session
Sun 4th -> A frame perfection at S turns. Amazing.
Mon 5th -> Light onshore chop – head high bit choppy a frames
Tue 6th -> Offshore – head ½ – barreling & walley
Wed 7th -> large and lumpy in town – head and a half – Munoz
Thu 8th -> Huge cove point break – lots of current
Fri 9th -> Pumping NE barrels everywhere – amazing if you are goofy.
Sat 10th -> offshore wind 1mph – NE swell lefts at Mac Oca
Sun 11th -> Light SE wind – chest high – wedgy
Mon 12th -> DITTO – Light SE wind – chest high – wedgy
Tue 13th -> GLASS. Head to just overhead 100yd walls.
Wed 14th -> Heavy, bowly and fast at the pier – really good.

*Please note that this log was written to document the surf conditions – we also scored countless kite sessions throughout September, October and November.*

Here are a couple of pictures from some of those surf sessions:


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