Liquid Force SOLO V3 LW Kite

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Product Information

REAL Review

When Liquid Force released the Solo, they broke the mold of traditional bridled kiteboarding kites. Everyone asked, "What is the point of a one strut kite and why would I want that thing?" Now almost every brand has a copy cat kite, but there is only one Solo. LF has refined the single strut design to be the most user friendly kite they have ever made.

Key Performance Characteristics

Responsiveness Medium to slow turning speed. Very predictable.
Turn Radius Medium turn radius
Window Position Forward in the window give you great upwind performance.
Wind Range Big wind range - 170 lbs riders expect optimal power on a 12m in 8-22mph wind.(Foilboarding with the Solo a 170 lbs person is using the 12m in 8-15mph.)
Relaunch Great relaunch with once small exception explained in Tomahawk Test.
Bar Pressure Medium Bar Pressure.
Power Per Size Rides big for the size and has gotten a lot more controllable on the top end giving this kite a monster wind range.

Tech Specs

MaterialChallenge Triple Rip Stop Canopy. EVA Scuff Guards.
Valve Max Flow High Flow Valve and standard 9mm inflate valve
Bridle Super compact and simple bridle that never gets hung up.
Wingtip Swept back wingtip.
Bonus Synergy Strut construction creates a rigid canopy. Extra large bag that easily fits this extra small kite. Solo Light Wind 15.5m and 17.5m use a thin bridle material to reduce drag.

What We Like

The V3 Solo is a great kite for most of the market. When you put a Solo up in the sky, you feel where it is at all times. It has a lot of bar feel with out having a lot of bar pressure. You can feel the kite, and you don't strain your arms trying to sheet in.

The upwind ability on the V3 Solo is immediately noticeable. You can sheet in and start jamming upwind. The kite flies forward in the wind window to get this upwind performance. Unlike other kites that fly forward in the wind window, the Solo is crazy stable in the sky. The light weight single strut design lets this kite breath and settles back in the wind window when you sheet it. The best part is that the Solo does all this without back stalling.

The wind range of the V3 Solo is massive. There is a lot of low end power accessible with the Solo. When you sheet out the bar, the power bleeds off very easily and without any gaps in the power band. You can get a lot of depower out of the Solo, so the usable wind range is massive.

Boosting on the Solo is a blast. The userfriendliness of the Solo translates into jumping too. You can get a ton of hang time with the Solo. It is easy to jump so if it is your first time to jumping, you will go up easily and come down easily.

Since the Solo is a really light weight kite, it will fly underpowered for teaching lighter riders and for foilboarding. In both instances you are flying your kite in a lot less wind that it was designed for. Normally kites that are underpowered for their range will back stall or over fly you and crash. Not so with the Solo. It stays in the sky better than any other kite on the market. This kite is the recreational foilboarders kite of choice by a long shot. Everyone that foilboards with the Solo loves it.

Tomahawk Test

The V3 Solo can take a beating. LF makes some strong kites that hold up to the Tomahawk Test. We have not seen any durability issues while testing the Solo. They hold up well and keep their performance characteristics even after you really put a beating on it.

Solo is one of the easier to water relaunch kites. The less you do with this kite the better. It will literally relaunch on its own. The water relaunch issue that we found out in our test was when you ended up with the leading edge facing you and water got on top of the canopy. This is really hard to do, but when it happened, there was not enough inflated struts to lift the canopy back off the water. We were able to correct this by pulling the outside line to spin the kite. The reduced dacron material on the trail in edge dropped the weight on the trailing edge and really helped the water relaunch.

Insider Info

The Solo was designed as a travel kite and it turned into a kite that everyone loves to ride. Since it has only one strut, you can pack down the LF V3 Solo to be really small. With the huge range on this kite, your travel needs can be confined to a smaller and lighter package.

As you increase the size of the Solo you are increasing the amount of canopy material that is unsupported. This makes the larger sizes very light compared to other inflatable kites on the market, but they also can flap more. You don't really notice any performance issues but the kite will flap when you get overpowered and are really sheeted out. You will want to ride the Solo in the right wind range so you are not causing a lot of extra strain on your over powered kite.

The V3 is not a fast kite, and it is not designed to be a fast kite. It is designed to be the most user friendly kite on the market. The V3 has an updated profile and trailing edge materials that gives you the same low end power and kite stability with less flutter, more usable top end, better water relaunch and the most silky power band on the market.

Who is the Solo for?

The Liquid Force Solo will surprise you. It is a blast to ride, and it makes kiteboarding easy. A lot of people are afraid of the issues that might come with a one strut kite, but the Solo does not have any issues. All it has is great times. The target market for the Solo is the person that wants to cruise back and forth, boost some airs and have a great time kiteboarding. The unforeseen interest in using the Solo for kids and light weight riders, foilboarding,and kiting in onshore winds has left us completely stoked.


When Liquid Force released the Solo, they broke the mold of traditional bridled kiteboarding kites. Everyone asked, "What is the point of a one strut kite and why would I want that thing?" Now almost every brand has a copy cat kite, but there is only one Solo. LF has refined the single strut design to be the most user friendly kite they have ever made.

Riding in light wind presents enough challenges as is. We believe that equipment should not add another dynamic of difficulty to this condition equation. The Solo lead the charge in light wind performance with its introduction 3 years ago. The Solo’s minimal build, single strut platform is unmatched for keeping the kite aloft in light and lulled wind. Don’t hold your progression and tricks back with the fear of crashing! The same benefits of decreased weight for keeping the Solo V3 in the sky translates to ease of re-launch in the slightest of breeze. Additional weight savings components include reduction of heavy Dacron material and low profile bridle lines that reduce drag and weight creating a more forward flying position allow ease of upwind angles. If you are the type of rider that would rather be on the water than sitting on the beach, the Solo V3 is your answer to more days riding your kiteboard rather than riding your beach chair.

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