2022 Lift Foils Surf V2 Wing

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From Lift Foils

Lift’s new Surf V2 Lineup has been carefully crafted for efficiency, balance and versatility.

This new range of wings are “mid aspect”--meaning that the wing span offers a true balance between efficiency and turning, working for multiple foil disciplines.

Whether surfing, eFoiling or sailing, riding on our new mid-aspect lineup will lower resistance, and increase the ability to carve an aggressive turn.

Experience the balance for yourself.

60 Surf V2
  • The Lift 60 Surf V2 is a wing designed specifically for big wave surfing. It’s small, aerodynamic, and the fastest wing ever in the Lift lineup. When you see serious riders taking on major waves at high speeds on Lift hardware, they’re riding a 60 surf or close custom variant.
  • Best for: Professionals taking on serious challenges.
  • A specialty wing for big wave tow surfing
  • Tested by the world’s top riders as they push the limits on waves and in barrels
  • Our fastest wing in the lineup
100 Surf V2
  • The 100 surf is one of the two fastest lift wings, great for waves with up to 10’ faces. It performs especially well in smooth water, and has plenty of speed for proficient foilers. For eFoil riders, if you want to go fast and cut aggressively, this is the wing for you.
  • Best for: Serious foilers of all kinds looking for speed and aggressive cuts.
  • A fast wing for all wind disciplines.
  • Great for tow surfing waves up to 10’ faces
  • This wing is great in smooth waters
  • Also a specialty wing for the eFoil for those that are looking to go fast and cut aggressive turns.
  • Recommended to pair with the 32 Glide back
150 Surf V2
  • The 150 Surf V2 is an all-around performance wing for all wind conditions. Push it hard or slow it down, carve a tight turn or go for glide, this wing performs in any environment. If you’re looking for maximum pumping efficiency then you might want to try the high aspect wings, but this wing can carve a much harder turn and will still pump back out the lineup with a little more effort.
  • For our eFoil riders, the 150 V2 has a perfect wingspan to match this year’s board lineup. An excellent choice for the sportier eFoil riding. It offers excellent speed, carving and efficiency. A shop favorite!
  • Best for: Foilers looking for an excellent all-around wing versus a specialty usage.
  • Great for prone surfing. This wing is fast and carves aggressive turns
  • This wing offers a wide variety of speeds and a great turning radius
  • Great for any wind discipline
  • An excellent choice for sportier eFoil riding
200 Surf V2
  • If you’re new to the sport of prone foiling and you want a wing that will teach you and continue to grow with you for years to come, look no further. Or if you want a wing you can use across foiling disciplines and on an eFoil, this is the most well rounded wing in the lineup. This has been the magic size for years and with this generation’s refined parameters, it’s better than ever--you’ll feel the smoothness in the glide. Get out for any kind of foiling confidently with the 200 Surf V2.
  • Best for: Foilers looking for a smooth riding experience over speed.
  • A great beginner wing for prone foiling that will grow with you
  • A universal wing with an emphasis balance and stability
  • A stable wing with lots of potential when riding with a sail in your hands
  • For eFoiling, the 200 Surf V2 is what we call our “bread and butter.” Foiling is not about going fast or slow, its about the balance under your feet and the glide
  • Try a few different tail wings for different experiences, all with that same balance and glide
250 Surf V2
  • The 250 Surf V2 is built for riders that need extra float and stability. Perfect for larger foilers, or if you ride shorter surf foil boards or a shorter eFoil and want to gain maneuverability at lower riding speeds-- the 250 is both stable and responsive.
  • Best for: Larger riders, and foilers riding at slower speed.
  • The big brother to the 200 Surf V2
  • If you’re a larger rider and need some extra float and stability, this is a great option.
  • For eFoiling, this wing can offer a lot more stability and lower riding.
  • Pair with a shorter board to gain maneuverability at lower riding speeds.
300 Surf V2
  • The 300 Surf V2 (affectionately known as the 300 Sea Pig) offers a unique, super-stable foiling experience. For surfing, think long boards and small waves. For sailing, learning to foil has never been so easy and fun. If you’re an eFoil owner and are teaching new riders frequently, this wing makes it as easy as possible, offering a perfect experience for new riders.
  • Best for: New foilers and riders building confidence.
  • The perfect wing to get comfortable foiling-- whether surf foiling, eFoiling or sailing
  • If you’re teaching eFoiling, with family, friends or as a school this is a must have wing
  • Don’t underestimate the 300 Surf, this wing will surprise you, it’s a ton of fun to ride
Package Includes
  • Front Wing
  • Wing Cover
  • Hardware and Tool
  • Back Wing Sold Separately

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