…Lost LayZboy

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The LayZboy may be the easiest shortboard to surf ever. Plus you don’t need to be lazy to surf it, you just need to be hungry for fun. . This board has an incredibly wide range of use for both surfers and conditions, plus it’s EASY to surf! REALITY is sounding pretty nice right now…

Stock Dimensions

5'4" - 20 - 2.32 - (27.9 l)
5'6" - 20.5 - 2.38 - (30.4 l)
5'8" - 21 - 2.5 - (33.9 l)
5'10" - 21.5 - 2.63 - (37.6 l)
6'0" - 22 - 2.75 - (41.7 l)
6'2" - 22.5 - 2.75 - (44.2 l)
6'4" - 22.5 - 2.75 - (45.5 l)
6'6" - 22.75 - 2.88 - (49.5 l)
6'8" - 23 - 3 - (53.6 l)

From the Shaper

"Because of the narrow hipped, continuous curve, elliptical outlines, you can surf the Lost LayZboy with a centered stance for down the line 70’s inspired speed runs, down carves and cutbacks... or step back on the tail and go vertical off the bottom and in the pocket."

Matt Biolos from …Lost

REAL Review

What We Like

After surfing this board for three months, we can tell you is does work in everything from 6mm wetsuit knee high grovelers to overhead, softer points and inside/outside reforms. The LayZboy may be the easiest shortboard to surf ever. You can be “on your game” and it surfs well. You can also be completely “off your game” and you will still have a good session on this board. The “LB” design features a really long “sweet spot” that allows you to take off or stand literally anywhere on the board and still have it turn and go fast. This is great if you miss your footing on takeoff or if you want to highline trim with style during part of your ride then step back and snap a tighter turn. This board likes speed, big carves back into the pocket and has enough volume and glide to start all over again from a dead stop after a big wrap. The range is also really impressive. Yes you can find a better low-end groveler or high-end shortboard, but a board so fun and easy throughout this entire range definitely needs attention.

Most of the LBs come stock with a 5-fin set up and really like the Futures Controller style fin set up in a quad configuration. This gives the board a ton of drive off the bottom. When you’re surfing the LB in challenging conditions, either too hollow, too big, choppy or all three and find yourself going super fast with dwindling control, inserting the 5th “finger fin” in the center box brings it back under control with a really positive feel. We initially thought this was a gimmick, but it does add range and control to a board that at times look totally out of place in those conditions. Definitely easier traveling with a 5th fin compared to a second board.

Insider Info

Reading the top of this review, you might think the LayZboy does everything, but as we all know, you have to sacrifice something. The LB is pretty flat rockered and also thick to the rail, so super hollow waves and quick snaps off the top are on the chopping block for what has to give. If you surf it full time, you will find how to overcome this, mainly by using the finger fin, getting in early and shifting way to the tail for your hard snaps. The LB is about speed, drive, control and FLOW through the entire length of the wave. If you like finishing your wave rather than a few ultra hard snaps then this is definitely a board to check out.

The name “LayZboy”, also tends to trip people out, thinking they have to be lazy in order to want it. Who wants to be lazy right?! Rather than feeling “lazy”, think about how comfortable you feel reclined in the board’s namesake. That’s the smooth feeling this board delivers in the water. If they were naming it after the surfer, they would have called it the “Hungry Man” or the “Fun Thief”, both names centered around how much fun you want to have with limited H20 time.

Why You Want This Board

You want to have FUN every session with wave counts and surf range comparable to a longboard but with much more maneuverability and speed.

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