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The Bottom Feeder is a breakthrough design specifically focused on small wave performance. The Bottom Feeder is his latest machine for small wave shredding while other surfers are punching the water or complaining about the wrong tide. The Bottom Feeder not only makes small wave surfing a blast for the less skilled of us in the water, it also excels as a small wave ripper for advanced surfers too.

Stock Dimensions

5'4" - 20.50" - 2.32" - (30.00 l)
5'6" - 21.00" - 2.38" - (33.1 l)
5'8" - 21.50" - 2.50" - (35.7 l)
5'10" - 22.00 2.63" - (40.2 l)
6'0" - 22.50" - 2.75" - (44.1 l)
6'2" - 23.00" - 2.80" - (46.4 l)
6'4" - 23.50" - 2.88" - (50.6 l)

From the Shaper

I was feeling held back a bit by the wide noses on the Plank and Uber-Plank, and wanted to make a board with more outline curve and no wings, something more elliptical. This board has a lower entry rocker than I have ever done and uses rolled belly to keep it from catching. It’s designed as a quad, but it can be made a 5 fin as well. I prefer it with Future Fin boxes and fiberglass “controller” fins.

Matt Biolos from …Lost

REAL Review

What We Like

If you live in an area plagued with soft or small conditions, the Bottom Feeder is definitely a board to check out. In fact, after you get the board wired, you won’t even think of it as a plague anymore. The Bottom Feeder picked up where the …Lost Plank and Uber Plank started and now brings even more wave catching and performance to the table.

Compared to the Plank and Uber Plank, the Bottom Feeder has a slightly flatter entry rocker for better paddling and wave catching ability. The Bottom Feeder is also snappier in turns with a much more high performance feel, all while being just as easy and fun to surf. The Bottom Feeder makes small wave shortboard surfing incredibly fun. So fun that you’re smiling ear to ear when it’s only thigh high and others are bogging, complaining or not even suiting up at all. You can actually power surf waves that you wouldn’t even think of surfing before. The big wide tail loves to be pushed – HARD! You kind of wonder why everyone doesn’t have a board like this….

There seems to be two schools of thought on sizing these boards. The “Bros and Average Joes” are going bigger. These boards have flat bottoms with vee in the tail. This design can handle higher volumes and widths with ease – unlike concave boards. How big do you go? The bigger you go, the more waves you will catch and the smaller waves you can shred. Obviously you can go too big, but in general there is a tendency for all of us to ask ourselves “how small can I ride this thing?”, while all the while reducing your fun factor. In general 10-20% more float than your shortboard is a good starting point.

The Pros are taking these boards and sizing them small, like 5’0 and doing crazy disc-o moves, noserides and hard carves in average surf. The video of Mason Ho shredding his mini-Feeder is proof that this an all-ability Weapon of Mush Destruction. The smaller you go, the more maneuverable the board gets, but also the less waves you will catch and the more dependent the board will become on the surfer’s ability to perform in small waves. When in doubt….go bigger.

When you’re watching the Mason video, you’ll also see that’s he’s surfing the Bottom Feeder in waves you wouldn’t consider grovelers. This board has range outside its target -both for pros and bros. It’s an easy board to surf and that confidence carries up to head high as long as it’s not inside out and barreling. But where this board really lights a fire and separates itself from the pack is chest high down to barely breaking. You’ll have some of your best sessions when your friends shrug it off and don’t even paddle out.

Insider Info

The flatter nose rocker takes a few sessions to get used to, especially on late drops. Once you adjust, you come to really like it for paddle power and wave count. This board likes to be surfed a little further back than the Plank or Uber Plank, which is also why the board is snappier in the turns. We’ve tried it with other fins, but always come back to the Futures Controllers as the only ones that not only work, but work really good. Big tails need big fins and the Controllers pair up with the big tailblock to provide mega horsepower.

Why You Want This Board

The Bottom Feeder will stoke you out and make almost every day a good day. If you live on the East Coast or similar and don’t have a board like this in your quiver, you're missing out on the fun.

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