New Stretch PUGS land at REAL!

by REAL Watersports

You saw them here first.......The new Stretch PUGS have landed at REAL!


These boards are high performance small waves MACHINES that don't back down when the swell starts pumping. The Pug can be ridden up to 5” shorter than your normal shortboard. The Stretch Pug can be ordered in any construction, but all the ones we have on the rack and about to land are the high end EPS Tech construction to ensure top performance and unrivaled longevity.

The Pug features a nose width somewhere between the Stretch Ratskate/F4 and the Stretch What. The entry rocker is conservative to ensure easy paddling and maximum wave count. From there, most of these boards have a small wave oriented max width (slightly wider than your high performance shortboard but not so wide that it slows the board down), then to a variety of tails and fin configurations out the back.

The tri fin PUGS have a bump wing in the outline, or even several wingers to reduce the tail width, thus earning them the nickname “Pugskate” after the legendary Ratskate tail template. The quad versions have wider tails and less wings. Our first order of 15 Pugs have almost every tail in the book, from bump squash, to double winger swallow, to single winger bat tail, ranging from 5’2 up to 7’2 in length.

Who is the PUG for? This board has been on the high performance shortboarder’s wish list for a while. The PUG is a great “punter” for high speeds down the line and balanced airs off the lip. Short in length and fast as sh#$%^&*t, the Pug will outperform you standard shortboard in almost every condition, making it your favorite “go to” board.

Once you get out of the 5 and low 6 foot lengths, the 6’3 and longer inspire a deep lust from those looking for a shorter board to replace their “big guy tri fins”, retro fish that won’t go vertical, and almost any other higher volume mid range board. What can we say, the PUG straight up looks sexier and crushes these other boards in its wake. We’ve only had the PUGS on the rack less than a week and their slots are already the most popular stop in The REAL Boardloft, with several getting snatched up before their tails even hit the carpet!

For more info or to place your Stretch Pug order, please call us toll free at 866-REAL-548 or 252-987-6000. Since the Pugs are short, we’re shipping them worldwide daily!

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