2014 Liquid Force Kites Reviewed

by REAL Watersports

Liquid Force Kiteboarding Logo

August is an exciting month for us with brand new gear to test arriving every week! We've been really excited about riding the new 2014 Liquid Force kites since we tested the prototypes back in May and over the last week we've been busy putting the new LF gear to the test!

Liquid Force keep it nice and simple focusing on 2 kites: the ENVY and the NRG. Both kites are awesome but they are of course different. Along with the full video reviews, we've also put together a video explaining the differences between the two kites and what's new overall for 2014.

2014 Liquid Force Envy

The Envy is LF's all around kite that is focused on ease-of-use, stability and relaunch. After you've watched the video review you can find out even more about the 2014 LF Envy here...

2014 Liquid Force NRG

The NRG is the speedy performance kite of the lineup. Designed for intermediate and advanced riders who like to ride hard and fast. Check out the video review below and find out even more about the 2014 LF NRG here...

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Check out their team video for the 2014 gear:

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