• …Lost LayZBoy Step Up

    With how popular the LayZboy has been the past two years, it made sense to design a "step up" with LayZboy lines.
  • REAL Shipping: How We Ship Surfboards

    When you order a board from REAL, we are as excited about it as you are! Take a unique look into "the jungle" and meet Zack, who has shipped thousands of surfboards. He's on a mission to make sure your board arrives at your house ready to ride!
  • Villa Sessions - Puerto Rico Accommodations

    Villa Sessions offers 2 and 3 bedroom units with world class kiting, surfing, and diving only steps away. Plan your Puerto Rico vacation today!
  • Summeritaville at REAL - August 22, 2014

    An evening of Outer Banks entertainment featuring music by Johnny Waters Band and Scarletta, LIVE on the waterfront stage at REAL!
  • Touring the Rhode Island Coast on a Foilboard

    REAL Co-founder Matt Nuzzo gets a fresh perspective on kiting his native Rhode Island coast.
  • Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Sept. 20th - 26th

    The 2014 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic kitesurfing competition runs September 20th - 26th, showcasing surf-style kiting in epic Cape Hatteras conditions.
  • Welcome to The Gun Show

    Today's "step-up" boards have a wider range of use than ever before. Learn why every good surfer needs one of these boards in their quiver.
  • What Makes a "Magic Board"?

    Once you ride a magic board, you immediately understand the reason for the search.
  • September Sessions

    When my friends ask, “What’s the best time of year to come for wind and waves?”, I always say “September”.
  • 5 Things We Learned from Naish Kite Designer Damien Girardin

    REAL's own Tommy Kogut caught up with Naish kite designer Damien Girardin on Maui to learn about what’s new at Naish.

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