About Us

We are the number 1 kiteboarding and surfing retailer, lesson center and destination in the world. We ship gear worldwide from our home in Cape Hatteras, NC and are committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service.

Everyone on our team surfs, kiteboards or gets in the water almost every day of the year! It's part of our company culture and plays an essential role in helping us provide the best knowledge, service and stoke for our customers.


REAL was founded in 2002. We started out teaching kiteboarding in Cape with a small garage, a 4WD vehicle and a camouflage jet ski. Since those early days we have expanded to include a global ecommerce business, world-class instruction and a full service resort at our base in Cape Hatteras, NC.

We are primarily focused on the sports of kiteboarding and surfing: our favorite things to do! Our catalogue also includes men's and women's clothing, accessories, standup paddle boarding, skateboarding and more.

What We Do

Gear & Apparel: We Stock The Best Gear Available

We're in the water every day testing new products and are committed to supplying the best gear available for Surfing, Kiteboarding and SUP.

All our gear is available online at realwatersports.com or you can shop at the REAL Flagship Store in Cape Hatteras, NC.

Worldwide Shipping: We Ship Worldwide Daily

With customers all over North America and all around the world, we are experts in shipping gear! You can shop online at www.realwatersports.com with the help of our team of REAL Pros and our world-class shipping team will take care of the rest!

Instruction: We Make New Riders Every Day

We are passionate about teaching people to kiteboard, surf and SUP. Our Lesson Center is ideally located in Cape Hatteras with access to epic wind, world-class waves and miles of national park!

We also share our knowledge and experience online so that you can be part of the REAL Lesson Center anywhere in the world.

Watersports Resort: Our Home In Cape Hatteras

Our waterfront resort in Cape Hatteras, NC features our Flagship Store, the REAL Lesson Center, Watermen's Bar and Grill, accommodation at Watermen's Retreat, the REAL Rental Shop.

We also have a busy live music schedule on our waterfront stage and host a range of epic events throughout the year!

Cape Hatteras, NC

REAL is located in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, internationally recognized as the best place to kiteboard in the world, and the East Coast #1 surfing destination.

Part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Cape Hatteras is a huge part of who we are today. It's more than just our headquarters and our favorite place to surf and kite in the world. It has become the foundation of everything we do and provides us with the perfect location to test new gear, make new riders and of course take lots of sessions.

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Our team of REAL Pros includes our salesteam, marketing team, coaches and support staff.

Whether you are adding another surfboard to your quiver, learning to kiteboard or teching out on the latest gear our REAL Pros are here to help.

Each of our REAL Pros is as committed to helping you as they are to taking sessions. Since most of them session over 300 days a year that makes them very committed!

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REAL Team Riders

We are proud to have an extraordinary group of pro riders that represent REAL all around the world. Our team riders are not only outstanding riders they are also superb ambassadors for REAL and the sports they love.

Jason Slezak

Jason was our first team rider, is the co-founder of the Triple-S Invitational and a talented kitesurfer.

Brandon Scheid

Brandon is continually pushing the limits of what's possible on the water. As a multiple Triple-s champion, Brandon also started out as a REAL kite coach helping hundreds of new riders get out on the water!

Eric Rienstra

Eric's signature style sets him apart on the water and his love the sport is infectious.

Ian Alldredge

Ian is perhaps the most gifted kitesurfer we know and blows people's minds for a living. When you watch him ride, you will know what we mean!

Ian Alldredge Profile

Josh Mulcoy

Josh travels the world in search of perfect waves but loves nothing more than jumping on a plane to come and get barreled with us in the Outer Banks! Josh is one of a growing number of professional surfers to really embrace kitesurfing as a second sport.

Matt Keenan

Matt Keenan is an East Coast surfing legend who has also recently taken up kitesurfing! Matt is hands-down the most stoked person on earth!

Meet the Founders

REAL Co-Founders Trip Forman and Matt Nuzzo were recently named among the "Top 10 Most Influential People in the History of Kiteboarding" by Kiteboarding Magazine. Outside Magazine compared REAL to the early days of Burton Snowboards in their 10-page feature on REAL and Co-Founders Trip Forman and Matt Nuzzo. What is it that gives Trip and Matt the insight to put REAL and the sports we do ahead of the pack?

The answer is simple. Time on the water. Between the two founders, the amount of time actively involved in a variety of watersports is impressive - Kiteboarding: 25 Years. Surfing: 40 Years. Standup Paddleboarding: 12 Years. Windsurfing: 38 Years. Dinghy Sailing: 42 Years. Offshore Sailing: 32 Years. Trip and Matt have actively instructed, competed, and developed equipment in all of these sports. 189 years of combined experience on the water. When it comes to knowing the answer, or knowing what’s next, there’s no resource like time on the water.

In addition to both founders spending a significant amount of time on the water testing new gear, Trip focuses his efforts on marketing, brand management and company development. Matt drives daily operations at REAL, overseeing sales, instruction, client fulfillment and stoke!

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Join the team

We are always looking for new talent. Join our team and live in one of the best locations for wind and surf in the world.

If you enjoy excelling in a team environment, like to learn something new every day and love taking sessions then working for REAL is for you!

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