2014 Best TS V3


The Best TS V3 is a high performance crossover kite designed for intermediate/advanced riders.

2014 Best TS V3 Includes:
• 2014 Best TS Kite
• Best pump
• Best kite bag and stuff sack

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The TS is back for the 3rd year and it's better than ever.

Tech Specs:
• Sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m
• One pump inflation with Twist Lock Valve

What we like:
Best claim the TS is "the ultimate high performance crossover kite". That's a bold claim. In order to fill those big boots, the TS would have to be fast, powerful & lively while still maintaining excellent wind range, stability and relaunch. Add on top of that the ability to perform both hooked in and unhooked while drifting down the line and hammering upwind. PHEW!!! That's a lot of things to look for. We're delighted to say that during testing - the TS managed to tick all of those boxes!

For a manufacturer to claim a kite can do it all is very ordinary. For the kite to actually be able to it all is very extraordinary! Nice work Best - the TS is a solid choice for any intermediate or advanced rider out there!

Insider Info:
This isn't so much a dislike as a personal preference: the flight path for jumping is very gradual. As you send the kite, you won't get ripped off the water - instead you'll go up slowly but keep going up and up and up! This makes the TS a boosting machine but here's the thing - some riders just like to be aggressively ripped off the water and thrown into the air. If that's you and boosting is a big part of your riding - take a look at the other options in the Best line like the GP.

The new inflation system worked well during our testing but not having a regular 9mm inflate valve (as a backup) is a pain. Although the new Best pump has the attachment - lots of pumps don't . They should have put a regular 9mm inflate valve on there too just in case.

In other news - because the TS is so good at everything - there has to be a trade off and it comes in the form of minimal line slack when unhooking. If you never intend on doing handle passes - you can stop reading this paragraph now but if you're dreaming of the PKRA, the Best GP is going to give you a lot more slack in the lines when you unhook. Let's not be confused, the TS is extremely stable unhooked but you're going to take some slams while learning those s-mobes because the lines aren't going to slack out like they do on the GP!

Why you want the 2014 Best TS:
Because you aren't just a kitesurfer, or a freestyler or a freerider - you're all them and want a kite that can do it all with you!
Best Description:
Because you are looking for a game changing kite that provides unlimited versatility for all advance riding styles the TS is the natural choice. The TS is the ultimate high performance crossover kite and it’s perfect for any rider who wants to excel at newschool, wakestyle, freeride and even wave and to do it all with the same kite.

The Open-C platform of the TS delivers the rock solid stability of an SLE with the handling of a C-kite. The unique Ride Optimized Geometry ensures that every size TS has the ideal blend of high performance and ease of use so you can tackle all riding styles. The 5m and 6m sizes use a 3 strut layout which gives them incredible stability even in the gustiest conditions. With a wide, confidence inspiring sweet spot and responsive unhooked handling the TS will help you stomp all your latest handlepass tricks while its aggressive vertical lift and rapid, tight turning will help unlock the kiteloop monster inside of you.

This season we’ve further improved our legendary Bomb Proof Build quality with the addition our exclusive Twist Lock Valve to the leading edge of the TS- inflating your kite has never been faster or easier. Revisions to the wingtips and LE profile have improved downwind drift and bar feedback for wave riding, so you can hit the sweet spot in the pocket. Changes to the bridle layout and improved back stall characteristics have allowed the R&D team to extend wind range in every size of TS. Combine these build quality, technology and durability features with our Double Core RS canopy material and you can be sure that the TS is tough enough to take a beating; in fact we build the TS so strong we guarantee every kite for life.

If you’re looking for the ultimate crossover kite with game changing newschool, wakestyle, freeride and wave riding performance then you’ve just found your next kite. Choose the TS and Challenge the status-quo.


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