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Naish Ride Version 1 : Feel the power and ease of use that this kite delivers

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The 2013 Naish Ride is brand new two strut design that has an ultra light feel and excels at water relaunch.

The Naish Ride was developed to make kiteboarding easy. With two struts, this kite has a really light and responsive feel. Beginners and intermediates will love the easy relaunch and big wind range of the Ride.

• 2013 Ride Sizes: 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m
• Adjustable 18"-20" Naish Universal Control Bar with 20m lines.
• Naish Kite Leash
• Single Point Octopus Inflation System
• Kite Backpack

What we like:
This kite is so light and responsive that it will make you smile from the first time you fly it. The Ride has plenty of low end power and it also has a great top end range. The Ride is very user friendly and with its big wind range and solid 2 strut design - it's a great kite for riders looking to keep their quiver nice and simple!

What we don't like:
We recommend getting the Universal bar with the Ride kite. The Ride bar has rigging that makes the kite a lot harder to recover if it inverts. Also the Ride can back stall if you pull in too much back line tension on the kite by over sheeting it.

Why you want the 2013 Ride:
The Ride rocks. We are so stoked with the light snappy feel of this kite. The REAL Lesson Center has rated it as one of the top teaching kites. A bunch of our coaches have been using this kite for the wave because of the light weight feel and quick turning.

*Please email any color requests to Info@REALwatersports.com and include your Order #.

Please note: This kite was first brought out in 2012. Some of the material within the manual and box will have 2012 as the year. This is still the same kite as it was rolled over through 2013. In all there have been 2 versions of the Ride. This is the V1 and the current model is the V2 (2014)

For more information on our custom logo service please contact REAL at info@realwatersports.com
Naish Ride Review By Matt Nuzzo

To keep the Ride from back stalling you need to sheet in the depower strap 1 to 2 inches. This will cure the back stall in most instances, even when you are unhooking.

Customer Reviews

  1. Sick KIte!

    by Jeff Schneider on October 28, 2013

    Bought the 12m & 8m - got to use the 12m in light winds 14-16knots I was able to keep up with guys riding 15-17m kites! Im 85kg most of the guys I was riding with were 75kg or less...This kite has great low end and will be a sick kite in critical surf i.e.light wind med-big waves and a strong current running.It apparently also has great range but have not tested its capacity to remain stable in higher winds. Easy of use is as stated in all reviews, super friendly very light and snappy feel amazed how far technology has come in a 2012/13 kite! I highly recommend this kite and or kites with less struts as they are so light and efficient and are so much fun to throw around the sky!
  2. Light Kite

    by Matt Nuzzo on August 4, 2012

    Two struts rock! This kite is so light and packs up super small.

    I had a really nice first impression. It has a great power range and flies really well. This kite goes upwind easily too.

    On the really small sizes I had to pump them up hard to keep the wing tip from pinching on me.

    I am recommending this kite to any beginner or intermediate kiter. They are priced well and people have been loving the RIDE.
  3. Impressive new kite!

    by Dom Granger on May 4, 2012

    Naish really seems to have nailed it on that one!
    Overall very good first impression. The relaunch capability of this kite seems to be as good as advertised: no fancy tricks needed. Also seemed like a very stable kite, and quite more powerful that the Park. Even though the Ride is marketed for the average rider, it is suitable for all levels of riding. It's not a kite you will outgrow, but would be an excellent beginner kite.
  4. 2 Strut Simplicity

    by Chris Stellato, REAL Lesson Center on April 28, 2012

    This kite is a great choice for beginners but still offers tons of performance for any intermediate-advanced freeride or surf kiters. Drifts well and resists stalling. The RIDE has a smooth, predictable feel in the sky and easily accessible power - just sheet in and off you go.

    The 2-strut design of these kites is attractive for so many reasons - packs up smaller, lots of power in the open center canopy, and the 2-strut is easier to do repair if you ever need to.

    Incredible relaunch and very slow, depowered landings in the edge of the window when you let the bar go or pull the safety.

    Overall a great choice for any beginner or for the experienced kiter looking for simplicity and ease of use.
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