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If you want a kite with a boat load of power, solid relaunch and a no hassle kiteboarding experience, then look no further than the Envy 2013 .

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Liquid Force


The Liquid Force Envy is back for the 4th year of production as their go to beginner to intermediate kite. With a bias toward ease of use, the Envy excels in kite stability and water relaunch that will allow you to progress your skills as a kiteboarder. Packaged with top quality construction and a host of features like Max Flow, the 2013 Envy will deliver no drama sessions for years to come.

• 2013 Envy Sizes: 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m, 15m
• LF CPR Control Bar
• Liquid Force Kite Leash
• Max Flow Super Shaft Pump
• Basic Kite Repair Kit
• Backpack

What we like:
The 2013 Envy works well in every size. With the proven Diamond Wingtip and USB Bridle (pulley on the wing tip) you get a real feeling of security with surprisingly few kite inversions or bridle tangles. The complete package of the CPR bar, Max Flow inflation system and a simple easy to use 3 strut kite make the Envy a clean and user-friendly product.

What we don't like:
With the Envy being a fatter full profile kite you get to a point where the kite will not depower anymore because the kite has too much drag. By adding more low end power, you loose some high end on the wind range. The zipper and side straps on the LF bags are junk. The bag works fine, but we have had a bunch of zippers break and side straps rip off.

Why you want the 2013 Envy:
The Envy is such a reliable kite. You will never find yourself blaming a bad session on the kite. As you progress your kiteboarding level, you will find that the Envy will have no problem keeping up with your next new move. Ask LF Team Rider Brandon Scheid why he rides the Envy, and he will tell you that all the features that work for beginners work for him as a top level pro rider.

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Liquid Force Envy Review By Matt Nuzzo

The first thing I noticed when I rode the 2013 Envy was that they made small tweaks to a product that was already working. Often kite manufacturers screw up a good kite because they feel the need to change it and make it different. Its really nice to see that Liquid Force slightly tweaked the Envy for 2013 but didn't spoil it.

I am converting my quiver to the new sizes this year, so I will have a 4, 6, 8, and 10.5m. Since the Envy has a lot of power per kite size I found that I was always overpowered on the 7m and a bit underpowered on the 5m. The 6m/8m combo works as a much better spread for my riding style. I am really happy that they bumped the bar size up on the middle and larger sizes this year too.

I ride the Envy as my primary kite because it rides great in the waves and is really solid for unhooked wakestyle. It is not too shabby at boosting either, but for the monster air time days I prefer the LF NRG or Best TS. For teaching beginners, I don't have to change kites to accommodate the student since the Envy is targeted at the beginner to intermediate rider.

REAL Pro Tip: I never use the Light Wind bridle setting on these kites even in really light wind with the 15m. I find that the light wind setting chokes off the kite and makes it stall in the wind window. Since the kite is pretty fat you don't get any back stall, but the power is just too punchy and not smooth like it is on the Standard Setting.

Customer Reviews

  1. Awesome kite for an awesome deal at real.

    by chananya on November 27, 2013

    I bought this kite from REAL WATER SPORTS, and it was everything they said it would be , an awesome kite , all around beginner to intermediate kite that could be the kite to stick with forever, with the best service a kite shop can give.
  2. Easy Relaunch and Very Stable

    by Pete H on August 22, 2013

    Have had lots of fun sessions on the Envy - it's a really easy kite to use and it's very reliable. My favorite sizes are the bigger sizes (>9m) because they have tons of low end grunt and work well unhooked.
  3. Old Faithful - Set her and forget her!

    by Toby Diggens on August 21, 2013

    This truly is a beginners/intermediates dream kite. The great relaunch, excellent stability and very user friendly steering and power delivery offer up a kite that can take anyone to the dizzy heights of super expert or Pro.

    The fact that this kite is ridden by the Liquid Force freestyle and wave team day in day out, whilst at the same time being responsible for more beginners achieving water start colors than almost any other kite in the REAL lesson quiver, is a testament to a kite that really can deliver almost all things to all men/women.

    I have flown the Envy in almost all conditions and the reason that I cannot give it 5* is that it does not have the boosting capabilities that I would like!

    Given that all the tech on this model is really out there to make you a better kiter, I can highly recommend this kite to a great swathe a riders out there. So much fun come gusty or waves, flat or choppy, stormy or clear. Jump on the Envy and you will not be disappointed.
  4. My go to!

    by Kevin Wilder on June 22, 2013

    I have a whole quiver of these kites and really have grown to enjoy all the aspects of what is a great kite.

    Travelling from Telluride to Cape Hatteras each year means that my gear has to able to stand up to both snow and water and the Envy is the perfect kite for both. The simple relaunch, smooth power delivery and incredible consistency even when flying in gusty mountain winds is epic!

    Compared to some kites this year, the turning is not as fast but I don't mind that as the water sessions I take are all wake focused.

    For all riders of all levels there is something that the Envy can give you and I look forward to seeing how this product evolves over time. For me the Envy completes a travel quiver that keeps me sessioning all over the country from mountains to oceans.
  5. Maybe a new convert...

    by Jason on March 17, 2013

    I am someone who as been born and raised on Cabrinha kites and let me tell you, the Envy was awesome! I have been riding the Switchblade for as long as I can remember and have never had anything to complain about, but now after riding the Envy I see where the Switchblade has been lacking.

    The first thing I noticed with the Envy was how well it maintained power through all my transitions. I never felt like I was stalling out or losing any power, like I have with other kites that I've flown.

    In my opinion, the Envy has the perfect amount of bar pressure. I am very used to dealing with an enormous amount of bar pressure on my Switchblade and the Envy was certainly a relief on my arms. It was a great mix of not feeling like your arms are going to fall off and still having enough pressure that you always know where the kite is.

    The kite responded tremendously with every trick and jump I tried. Whether hooked in doing a big dangle or trying something unhooked the Envy always preformed exceptionally.

    My biggest issue with the kite when comparing it to the Switchblade is its use of below the bar depower system. I personally am not a big fan of below the bar depower, but to each their own.

    I am very excited to try the Envy in the surf next!

    Overall I would say the Envy is an excellent kite.
  6. Great Relaunch; Solid Power; QUICK Inflate

    by Alexander on March 14, 2013

    This is a kite I've been enjoying flying (6m, 10.5m, and 15m) to tune my board technique. That said, It's still got the capability to turn fast and pull hard. The kite automatically (and without a terrible amount of unwanted pull) sits nicely at the edge of the wind window if you spill and need to let go of the bar. Auto-relaunch is a sinch as well: pull one outside line and you're back up and flying, even in low winds! The MAXFLOW pump system is impressive for supper quick and near-effortless pump-ups but can be a hassle to learn how to play with it if you ever need to repair the LE bladder.
  7. The kite that does it all

    by Julien Kepski on November 7, 2012

    As you can see on the picture, this year, the graphics on the kite are pretty awesome. But that is not the only plus of this kite. I have been using those kite since they rolled in at Real and for teaching it is definitely the best kite to use. The relaunch is so easy you barely have to touch a line to bring it to the edge of the window and send it up in the air.
    I am also a big addict to wakestyle riding and I was surprised to see that this kite is really good for unhooking, giving you an incredible pop and a good hang time. I am usually not really found of bow kites / hybrids kites but this one will be my exception....
  8. Love the Stability

    by Natalie M on October 2, 2012

    Really stable when launching and landing in funky wind. I normally ride the RPM and this kite felt a lot smoother and more relaxed. I tested the relaunch and it worked effortlessly too!
  9. LOVE!

    by Trey Bishop on September 14, 2012

    I freaking love the Envy's. Best kite ever. Ultra smooth.
  10. The one kite that can do it all

    by Chris Lazinski on September 12, 2012

    The new Envy is similar to last years kite which is a great thing. Many companies try to reinvent the wheel and the kite can suffer. The 2013 Envy is as reliable as I have come to expect.

    The biggest changes are the new sizes. They really help choose the precise size for teaching and riding. Some times the 12m would be too much and the 10.5m fits right in that spot.

    I rode the 6m Envy when I was in the Gorge this summer and it was perfect when I was overpowered on the 7m.

    There are better kites for wakestyle riding. There are better kites for kitesurfing. The Envy is the one kite that does both really well and I can coach on it. The Envy can really do it all.
  11. Smooth ride

    by Nuzzi on August 15, 2012

    The Envy is a great kite with a smooth ride. Liquid has paid a lot of attention to the quality of their kites over the years and where most companies are cutting back, they are investing more. You get a lot of bang for the buck with the new LF kites.
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