2013 Best Kahoona Standard Kite

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The Best Kahoona continues its domination in the beginner to intermediate kiteboarding market. Have you tried one yet?
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*This is the Kahoona Standard Kite (No one pump system)

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The 2013 Best Kahoona V5 will provide you with user-friendly kiteboarding. If you are a beginner or intermediate kiteboarder, you should consider adding the Kahoona to your quiver.
For 2013, you will be delighted to hear that Best have stuck with their very successful template and added slightly lighter bar pressure.

• 2012 Best Kahoona V5 Sizes:3.5m, 5.5m, 7.5m, 9.5m, 10.5m, 11.5, 13.5m
• Stuff sack

What we like:
The feedback from every rider who has experienced the Kahoona is that this kite rides like a dream. The Kahoona has consistent relaunch because of the swept wing tip too. We have been putting the Kahoona through its paces for several years in the REAL Lesson Center and it stands up to the test again and again. It’s worth adding too that the low end power (bottom of the kite’s wind range) is superb.

What we don’t like:
The V5 Kahoona is really sensitive to back line tension, so if you oversheet this kite it can back stall. The wing tip deflectors are stiff which means that if you crash and roll the kite, the bridle can get caught and make the kite hard to relaunch. The Kahoona sometimes feels a little sluggish through the wind window, especially in the bigger sizes. Riders looking for more of a “performance” kite should take a look at the 2013 Best TS Kite

Why you want the 2013 Best Kahoona:
The Kahoona has a phenomenal reputation and appeals to a lot of the kiteboaridng market. Beginner, intermediate, freerider, cruiser, lawn-mower, weekend-warrior – you get the idea!

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2013 Best Kahoona Review By Pete Hardie:

I have had several great experiences taking session on the Kahoona. The most memorable ones are super litt 5.5m and 7.5m sessions where this kite jumps to the moon. The stability that keeps it solid in those crazy conditions also makes it great for the beginner/intermediate market.

REALpro Tip: When trying to decide on sizing: 9.5m really means 10 and 11.5m really means 12. If you are building a 2 kite quiver – it’s ok to have a 4m gap (e.g. 13.5 and 9.5). Also use the last knot all the way away from the kite on the trailing edge for proper kite tuning on the Kahoona.

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