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The 2012 Slingshot Turbine 17m kite has been upgraded with much lighter weight materials, faster turning speed, and better upwind kiteboarding performance.

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• 2012 TURBINE 17 M Kite
• 23" with 27m lines Compstick Control Bar
• Slingshot Kite Leash
• BIG Kite Backpack

The 2011 Turbine set the standard for light wind kiteboarding performance. At REAL we were teaching first time beginners in 8-15mph winds and having huge success with that kite. When we heard the updates that they were adding, we could not wait to ride it.

In our first test of the 2012 Turbine we were stoked to see they kept a lot of what we liked and tuned this kite up where it needed it. Immediately you can see the skinnier profile, and we felt the upgrade in performance. The faster turning speed was much needed and this kite jumps upwind for a 17m kite. The addition of a new bladder material that is 25% lighter make this kite feel like a much smaller kite while maintaining the power and pull of a 17m.

With the increase in performance you loose a touch of low end grunt, but the faster turning speed makes up for it with all kiteboarders that are under 230lbs. At REAL we are having a lot of really happy customers that are riding the 2012 Turbine even in our Zero to Hero Kite Camp.

If you live in a location that has winds under 15mph, get yourself a Turbine and you will be sessioning all season long.

Customer Reviews

  1. Love the updates to the new Turbine

    by Nuzzi on May 26, 2012

    I am really stoked with the faster lighter Turbine. The kite has been fully redesigned to make it much better upwind, and they increased the turning speed a lot.

    They lost a touch of power with the 2012 Turbine compared to the 2011 but for a guy my size(175lbs) I easily make up for it with turning speed. The 2012 really drives upwind with out much effort too.

    With the skinnier profile they water relaunch has suffered a touch for the first time beginners. I only noticed this on lessons when the student would pull the kite too far over when relaunching and the kite would roll over on to it's trailing edge. I was happy to see that the kite still rolls over in really light winds with out much effort. As long as you stop pulling on the outside line when the kite rolls on to the wing tip you are fine. In my mind a small price to pay for the upgrades in performance you have.

    I recommend this as a light wind kite for beginner to advanced kiteboarders that wants to score more sessions. It doesn't matter where you live, there is light wind. The 2012 Slingshot Turbine will get you more sessions and more stoke!
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