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Find out for yourself why the 2011 Slingshot RPM is the #1 kiteboarding kite at REAL!

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2011 RPM Sizes: 4.5m, 6m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m
RPM Comp Stick Bar: 17" w/ 23m lines, 20" w/ 25m lines, 23" w/ 27m lines

Kite Only comes with kite and bag
Kite Complete comes with kite, bag, bar, and pump

The 2011 RPM takes all of the features of the proven RPM kite that we have come to know and love and adds a few new features to make this the #1 kite at REAL. The RPM is slated as a performance free style kite, but you will hear from the REAL coaches that this kite works great for beginners too. The stability, wind range, key safety features on the bar make this one of the most well rounded kites on the market. Oh yeah... power, big air, un-hooked, surf, the RPM has that locked down too.

One of the main additions to the 3 strut RPM for 2011 is Split Strut construction. This means that the canopy is integrated into the struts to make the canopy significantly stronger with out adding weight. Seems like a small improvement on paper, but on the water the feel of the kite is a lot more solid. Adding split strut to the RPM has increased the top and bottom end of the wind range, better relaunch, more crisp turning and better boosting.

It doesn't matter what type of kiteboarder you are, the RPM will be the best kite you ever buy.

-Slingshot Open-C Design platform
Blends core C kite performance like power, stability, edging, control and direct connect with the advantages of the latest advancements in 4-line technology. Which includes depower, range, safety, simple re-launch and hang time.

-Split Strut Integrated 3 strut design
Light and crisp in the sky. With maximum durability, increased canopy stability and shaping control. It also packs down tight!

-New size
Addition to the standard sizing the new 9m will optimize quiver building and who else wouldn’t want a 9m.

-“NEW” Full Suspension Bridle
Pushes front tow points towards wing tips to create feel and tuning characteristics similar to C-kite. Allows for smooth responsive steering and power delivery. Clean and tight to the leading edge to maximize performance.

-Progressive Power steering
Each kite comes with custom line lengths that synchronize rider and kite to match every wind condition.

-Slingshot 1-Pump
The trusted original single point inflation system to get you out faster and easier.

-Low Profile Wing Tips
Increases turning speed, while reducing drag and creating more efficiency.

-Slingshot Legendary Construction
Surf tough, abrasion proof, reduced flutter wear. To ensure long lasting durability and performance.

*Please email any color requests to Info@REALwatersports.com and include your Order #.

Customer Reviews

  1. RPM vs. ?

    by Rev. Jessy Jackson on June 30, 2011

    I recently switched to an RPM from a similar style kite. I rode SS Fuels from 05-09, and moved away from Slingshot. I’m just starting to unhook and I love how this kite feels. It’s completely predictable and very stable. My bar position doesn’t have to be perfect when trying new stuff. Overall great job Slingshot!

     Moderate to light bar pressure.
     Very stable
     Unhook and Hook are very easy
     Front line swivel rocks (you can practice as much as you want to your good side without unwinding)
     Bar is comfortable in the hands
     Re-launch very easy
     Smooth power delivery
     Split strut makes the kite more responsive

     Couldn’t find any…
  2. Slingshot RPM Tuning Tips

    by Nuzzi on March 25, 2011

    I have been loving my 2011 Slingshot RPM. They are so much improved from 2010. The simple bridle tweaks and adding Split Strut have made a huge difference in wind range, relaunch and boosting.

    A couple of tuning tips.
    -I set mine up even on the knots, so all the way out from the kite on the front and the back lines.
    -Take the set screw out of that black ball above the active stopper ball to get the full depower range.
    -I switch between the 17" and 20" bar on the 9m. The 9m ships with the 17" bar which is plenty fast. In the surf I like my 9m to be super fast, so I put it on the 20".
    -Don't mess with the bridle. The stock settings work sick. You can move the trailing edge connection to the lightest bar pressure setting for better turning speed.

    The RPM works for almost any ability level rider. Don't be afrad of it. You will love the RPM!
  3. My session

    by Dave on January 28, 2011

    I went out when it was a rare SW day in the OBX during this time of the year. It was blowing around 20mph. I decided to ride the 2011 RPM 10m on a 17" comp stick. All I can say was it WASN'T a let down. I love the RPM's ! I rode the 2010's and probably will be riding the 2011's too!
    Pros- BAD@$$ !!! (FYI Colors seem to be alot brighter this year) the split strut DOES make a difference. The kite turns better, boost higher and I felt that the low end was a tad better than the 2010s. I was able to throw most of the tricks in my book without ever getting my hair wet! Its a rock solid kite that has the performance level to meet most any kiter!
    Cons- Kitewise, nothing! Just wish my hands wouldn't have gotten so cold.....I'd would have loved to through down some F-16's !! Great job Slingshot!
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