Vernor Dump Truck EPS/Epoxy 6'4"

by Vernor • SKU VER171321716
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6'4" x 22.5" x 3.125" Vol: 46.2L
Fin System: Futures
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Board Details

SKU VER171321716
Length 6'4"
Width 22.5"
Thickness 3.125"
Volume 46.2L
Construction EPS/Epoxy
Tail Round
Fin System Futures
Fin Setup Tri/Quad
Fins Included
Tail Patch Yes

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Product Information

REAL Review

David Vernor makes great boards. Great, long lasting boards. His construction and attention to detail make him a favorite shaper amongst those that can look past the major labels. One of his most popular boards, the Vernor Mini Simmons has a seriously loyal cult following. The new Dump Truck model was inspired by the performance attributes of the Mini Simmons, combined with the maneuverability of a performance shortboard (the Vernor Chef). The end result is a winning combination of paddling/wave catching ease with fast, snappy turns. This board straight up rips in average and below average surf, especially for surfers who prefer wider outlines..

What We Like:
Our first session on this board was a “lunch time quickie”. In and out in an hour, and back to the shop. Three hours later and we were pinching ourselves how fun this board is to surf! The conditions that day were nothing special. Knee to stomach high a-frames with offshore winds. It was clean and pretty, but there really wasn’t much push to it. Our timing was perfect, as we just received our Dump Truck from Vernor, with a wide, pointed nose outline and generous width round tail. It looked like a really good day to put this new design through the ringer.

What impressed us most about the Vernor Dump Truck was it’s ability to combine the paddle power and glide of a grovel board, with the vertical turning of a shortboard. From wave #1, all the way through being two hours late getting back to the shop, this board never stopped being a blast to surf. It paddled and caught every wave we even thought about surfing. It was fast into the wave and flew down the line. The roll through the turn (rail to rail) was effortless, even at its generous width. You could go linear mach 10 down the line, or mix it up with vertical turns to the lip. The roundhouse turn back into the pocket was reminiscent of the Vernor Mini Simmons, although you could end it with even more vertical flair. Another difference between this and the Vernor Mini Simmons, is the Dump Truck’s concave bottom which gets it up on top of the water for a little more speed and zing.

Every wave we surfed that day, we were able to push the Dump Truck through more critical turns, pushing harder and harder. The board felt connected to our feet, super easy to surf, and super easy to surf well. We never once had to compensate for something wrong with the design or finish shape. The Dump Truck was perfect for the day. We left the beach knowing the Dump Truck was hall of fame material alongside the most coveted of Vernor’s designs.

We had a few more sessions in the same surf size, plus another couple sessions in surf up to head high. Just like the Mini Simmons, the Dump Truck will surprise you with the size surf it can handle. We wouldn’t call it an above head high ripper, but it will handle chest to head high surf with ease, even a few overhead sets as long as they’re not inside out hollow. The Dump Truck’s performance peaks in knee to shoulder high surf where the added width and speed can be put to good use.

Dump Truck Tech Specs:
• Wide hybrid outline
• Round tail
• Grab rails
• Single to double concave bottom shape
• EPS/Epoxy Construction
• I-Beam Suspension System
• Supplied with Futures T1 twin plus trailer fins

Insider Info:

David Vernor said ride it with the Futures T1 plus trailer, so that’s what we did. Make sure you upgrade to the honeycomb/fiberglass version to get the best performance out of the board. The twin plus trailer set up on this board is so good. Plenty of drive and pivot, with virtually no friction. Super fast. We also used Futures F8 Backstix, both Thruster and Quad with good results.

Vernor’s EPS/Epoxy construction produces a light, durable board that rides insane. We have customers trading in their three year old Vernor’s just to get a different color because they can’t wear the board out. After we strip the wax the boards still look (and are holding up) near new, even after hundreds of surfs on them. If you’re sick of your boards falling apart, check out an EPS/Epoxy Vernor with the I-Beam Suspension. They’re made to last.

The Vernor Dump Truck is a great groveler for the dedicated shortboarder, or can be a “tweener” for those that surf a Mini Simmons (or similar) on the super small stuff and want a board that can go more vertical when the swell bumps up. For many locations with average or below surf, this could be your only board and it would cover almost anything.

Why you Want a Vernor Dump Truck:
You’re looking for a board with easy paddling, wave catching, speed and glide, but don’t want to give up the vertical turns that come with shortboard designs. The Vernor Dump Truck is definitely a board to have on your list.

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Short and wide with low entry rocker and single to double concave with vee out the tail. This performance short board is incredibly fast and loose.

6'4" x 22.5" x 3.125" Vol:46.2L

Vernor Description:
David has incorporated all of his years of shaping mastery into the ultimate summertime board. Short and wide with low entry rocker and single to double concave with vee out the tail. This performance short board is incredibly fast and loose. David rides this model with the Future T1 fins. Perfect travel board, this shape is best suited for waves one foot to head high. Get one now!

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