USED Vernor CHEF 6'6"

by Vernor • SKU RWUSED13983
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6'6" x 20.66" x 2.75" Vol: 39.5L
Fin System: Futures
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Board Details

Length 6'6"
Width 20.66"
Thickness 2.75"
Volume 39.5L
Fin System Futures
Fin Setup Tri

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Product Information

REAL Review

With so many displacement hybrids in Vernor’s stable, you may be caught off guard with him pushing a “high performance” shortboard to the street. Don’t be. The Chef is what David rides himself most of the time and is his go to board for his team, as well as Vernor followers who want to carry his quality shapes and build tech into a high performance shortboard.

What we like:
Just like every other Vernor surfboard, this board is really well made and easy to surf well. “Easy” isn’t something you associate with high performance shortboards, and most of the time "isn't" so well made or durable. Most shortboard surfers are looking for the logo more than they’re looking to find a board that will perform just as well (or better) and last significantly longer. If you are past that point, then the Vernor Chef is a board that should be on your list of boards to check out.

The Vernor Chef starts out with a flat entry rocker for easy paddling, wave catching and ridiculous glide across flat sections. The single concave runs to just in back of the front fins where it transitions to double concave and vee out the tail. This board is slightly wider and thinner than most moderate outline shortboards, making it stable with good planing area. The Chef generates really good speed down the line and you can feel the I-Beam Suspension System kicking in to generate even more speed. The thickness trims out on the rails and that taper is hidden in the “Grab Rails” which triple duties by strengthening the rail, offering a convenient place to grab the board during duckdives, and lastly a nice place to taper volume dramatically without showing a big curve anywhere. The thin rails offer incredible control at speed, something you normally don’t get with a board so full in outline (for a shortboard).

Going back to being surprised that Vernor has this board…there’s a place for everything and when our Vernor Silver Bullet 2 topped out, we took out the Chef, at 1” inch longer with 2 liters less volume than our Silver Bullet 2. It was “undersized” by what we were thinking, but David exclaimed “trust your shaper!” He was right. The low rocker and width made up for the higher “volume” number we were looking for. The Chef felt super confident and “fell” right under your feet. There was nothing fighting you ever in the late drops and turns. After that we rode the Chef from waist high up to overhead sets. The board wreaks of confidence and has the ability to generate speed and then use it exponentially in the turns. If you’re coming off hybrids, you will love this board because it’s easy to surf and will make the transition to shortboards easier. If you’re coming off another shortboard, you’ll love the Chef because it’s easier to surf well than most of them and will last you a whole lot longer.

Vernor Chef Tech Specs:
•Moderate outline with bump wing squash tail
•Single concave to double concave behind front fins to vee
•Low entry rocker for fast paddling and easy glide across flat sections
•Grab rails for added strength and volume taper
•EPS/Epoxy construction with I-Beam Carbon Suspension System

Insider Info:
Sometimes higher volume isn’t always easier to surf. We expected this board was going to be too small and it actually made it easier to surf, not harder. Another insider tip, is that if money doesn’t grow on trees for you (like it does for say Kim Kardashian) then you probably want your shortboard to both perform and last a long time. The nice thing about the Vernors, is that the build quality is exceptional and the boards take a serious beating. So whether you are just upping your game to HPSBs, or you beat the tar out of them regularly, the Chef will fit the bill, perform at will, and still be around to take even more at the end of the season.

Why you want a Vernor Chef:
The Chef makes shortboards easy to rip on. If you already ride a shortboard full time, you will appreciate the performance package combined with the added durability and longevity.

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The Vernor Chef is David Vernor’s go to shortboard for laying down deep gouges and putting up massive fans. 6'6" x 20.66" x 2.75" Vol: 39.5L

Vernor Description:
The chef is a tweaked version of the rubble that David and I worked on together. We wanted to create a board that would enhance my aerial surfing yet have a curvy outline to surf in the pocket. By adding more width in the nose and tail, the board feels like a skateboard, ultra-fast and loose! If you want to push your surfing to the next level, this is the board for you!

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