Ozone Zephyr V5 Kite

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Product Information

REAL Review

The Ozone Zephyr V5 is a 17m that has overcome the draw backs that most super sized kites suffer from. The Zephyr is responsive turning, goes upwind well and is more fun to ride in light wind than other big kites on the market.

Key Performance Characteristics

•Responsiveness Fast turning for a 17m.
•Turn Radius Medium turning radius with consistent power through the turns.
•Window Position Middle of the wind window.
•Wind Range Good wind range - 170 lb riders expect to ride the Zephyr from 10-20mph.
•Relaunch Easy and reliable relaunch.
•Bar Pressure Medium Bar Pressure - Adjustable via wingtip settings
•Power Per Size Rides true to size.

Tech Specs

•Material Teijin D2 canopy material | Teijin Dacron
•Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection.
•Bridle Simple short bridle with no pulleys.
•Wingtip Full wingtip with some sweep to make it easy to relaunch.
•Bonus 5 strut design holds its shape and feel when you get powered up.

What We Like

The Zephyr feels like a normal sized kite and that is what separates it from other big kites on the market. It doesn't feel like you are getting dragged around by a truck. The turning speed is faster than other kites in this size range, and the kite feels light and sporty. Light wind kiting is a lot more fun with the Zephyr.

The Ozone construction is top quality. They own their factory and have very specific attention to detail. They have stripped down all the extra parts that would add weight and left only what is needed to make a strong performance oriented product.

The full wing tip gives you an affirmative bar feel through the entire range of the power stroke. When you turn the kite this fuller wing tip is exposed to the wind and you get instant power delivery. You can feel the kite yet it doesn't take a lot of effort to turn the kite.

The Zephyr has a great usable wind range. Through the top and bottom end of the range, there is still great performance. When you get to the top of the wind range the power delivery is very consistent. The kite doesn't deform under load because of the five strut design.

You can get killer boosts and hang time with this kite. It jumps a lot higher than expected and because of the size of the canopy, you will get excellent hang time. When you are in the air with the Zephyr you understand that Ozone makes things that fly because of the amount of glide. The wakestyle riders like that you can unhook and have the Zephyr feel stable as a rock for tricks. It has tons of pop too.

Tomahawk Test

The Zephyr has been holding up to repeated slams in the REAL Lesson Center and our free ride sessions. The water relaunch has been way better than expected. We have not been able to invert this kite or have it roll through itself. We even tested crashing full speed and diving at the kite. The Zephyr went on it's back, showed a wing tip and then moved to the side of the wind window for relaunch with minimal input.

Insider Info

With the gain in performance you get from the Zephyr, you loose some low end grunt. Some people like super powered low wind kites that you feel in your hands and the kite never stops pulling. This is not the kite for them. This is best suited for someone that is willing to sacrifice 1 or 2 mph of wind speed on the low end for better performances through the full wind range.

The bar for the Zephyr uses 27m lines. This give you more of a wind window to get better power strokes with. The performance of the 27m lines is worth it but require more space on the beach for set up.

The trailing edge pigtail can be adjusted for turning speed. It comes on the middle attachment point and we though that this was plenty sufficient. If you really want to light up the turning speed, move it to the fast attachment point.

The Zephyr is one of the few big kites that will work well for lighter riders. Because of the turning speed and more performance feel, any size rider will love this kite.

Who is the Zephyr V5 17m for?

If you are in a light wind area and want a light wind kite that doesn't suck, then seriously consider the Zephyr. Beginners have great success with this kite because of the easy relaunch and stability overhead. Intermediate to advanced riders love that this kite feels like a much smaller kite, but they are still getting out in light winds.

**Customize 4+ Weeks: Ozone owns their factory and will custom make you a kite in less than 30 days. You can select the stock color of your choice, select custom colors or fully customize your kite with your own graphics. A REAL Pro will Customize your Ozone Kite with you once you have placed your order.


The Ozone Zephyr V5 is a 17m that has overcome the draw backs that most super sized kites suffer from. The Zephyr is responsive turning, goes upwind well and is more fun to ride in light wind than other big kites on the market.

Ozone's Description

•Light wind specific
•Huge wind range, 6-20 knots
•Tight radius turn for great pop and fun
•Easy to fly and re-launch even in light winds

The Zephyr has always been a ground breaking kite - without doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market that delivered both performance and handling, the new V5 continues that legacy. Renowned for incredibly nimble handling, ease of use and the ability to have fun in low winds - all while giving you the possibility to continue riding when the wind increases, this sets the Zephyr apart from its competitors.

The V5 is more stable than previous versions offering a smoother feeling on the bar. Add to that fast handling with a tight radius turn you have a 17m kite that handles like a 13m which translates to more fun in light winds. The new plan form has a straighter Leading Edge, which increases the kites drive and acceleration through the turn - this helps generate power, fast handling and engaged kite loops.

The Zephyr V5 is perfect for cruising, jumping, air style, honing strapless airs or learning handle passes. The boost is impressive and floaty, with instant power delivery and superior up-wind performance. Re-launch is quick and easy by turning the bar or using the Re-launch Balls on the leader lines.

Ultra-strong lightweight bladders reduce weight and improve light wind performance for lighter steering and faster handling. The 4-line pulley less bridle system keeps things simple, while our proven front-line flag out ensures a complete stop of power from the kite when the quick-release is activated.

There is no question that the Zephyr V5 will get you out there enjoying whatever aspect of kiting you prefer on the day. It’s the perfect light wind addition to your quiver, or if you often ride in light winds and are looking for an all-round one-kite quiver the Zephyr V5 is the kite for you.

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