Maurice Cole Black Dingo PU/Poly 7'4" (Blem)

by Maurice Cole • SKU MAU17512
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7'4" x 22.5" x 2.95" Vol: 52.75L
Fin System: Futures
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Board Details

SKU MAU17512
Length 7'4"
Width 22.5"
Thickness 2.95"
Volume 52.75L
Construction PU/Poly
Tail Round
Fin System Futures
Fin Setup Tri/Quad
Fins Not Included
Tail Patch No

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Product Information

REAL Review

The MC Black Dingo tugs on Maurice Cole's wealth of design knowledge and experience to put together a unique blend of performance and range in one surfboard. The Black Dingo features a longer, sleek outline that provides paddle power, incredible wave range and addicting down the line flow. From thigh high to well overhead, the Black Dingo can handle it all.

Tech Specs:
•Hybrid outline
•Rounded pintail
•Slight vee entry to shallow then deepening concave bottom shape
•Concentrated foam under chest with foiled rails
•5-fin setup

What We Like:
We originally thought this board was going to be a Dirty Dingo step-up. While you can use it to extend the upper range of the shorter, squash tailed Dirty Dingo, the Black Dingo's overall range covers way more than a normal step up and rightfully so, kind of disqualifies it as being a step up... unless you want it to be :)

Maurice Cole Black Dingo

The MC Black Dingo starts out with a bullet style wider hybrid nose and keeps its width further back into the board than comparable "better wave boards". This results in more width in the 3rd quarter of its length. This extra width gives the board noticeably more low end in average surf, making it a great all arounder, especially if you're looking for a better paddling board with more rail length.

This board's combination of outline, thickness, tail, bottom shape and rail profile is unique to what's going on out there. Most boards the same length are either pin-tailed step ups, or oversized, chunky hybrids. The Black Dingo's smooth foam flow and sleek foil, combined with its unique longer outline sets it apart from the rest both in looks and performance.

We surfed this board in a variety of surf conditions in Puerto Rico, from fast, sectiony backside reef points to open faced rippable walls.

Surprisingly, the Black Dingo worked respectably well all the way down to waist high, backside surfing with good down the line speed and maneuverability for a board its length confined to tight quarters. This is where the added width in the 3rd quarter of its length really helps.

During this same session, leftover chest to overhead sets were still pumping through, allowing the Black Dingo to stretch its legs, and open the throttle with down the line projection and hard carving turns its longer rail line offers....

...We kept saying the board had "Butter Glide", as the board is so smooth paddling, taking off and flying down the line through a variety of turns. Now if Maurice were to describe it, it would probably sound more like "the Buttah Glide mate!"

Notable characteristics about this board included easy paddling and open water lineup navigation, smooth entry into the wave, great down the line speed and the ability to throw down a variety of turns, plus range, range, range. As the waves grew and the face opened up, so did the performance and magic.

After a few shoulder plus rippable walls resulted in near perfect rides (per our ability) all we could think of was taking this board to Bells Beach and surfing all those lineup shots that Maurice posts on his Instagram. It feels soooooo good! Range, range, range. From thigh to waist high, to well overhead and not showing signs of topping out, this board delivers.

Maurice Cole Black Dingo

Insider Info:
It's not a step up, or a stubby hybrid, or a semi gun, or a big guy shortboard. Who is this board for? That's the insider question worth answering.

The Black Dingo offers a longer length combined with the right volume and width to give it great all around performance, especially in average and better surf with waves that have the face that allow the Black Dingo to open up and fly

This board excels as the perfect choice for surfers looking for added paddle power, wide range of use, and higher performance surfing. It's perfectly suited for experienced, mature surfers with intermediate to advanced skills looking to upgrade their quivers from the old to the new. If the description above suits the waves you'll be surfing, it's accessible to the novice surfer as well, although the MC Red Dingo would be a happier ride at the beginning. If there's a "Swiss Army Knife" in the MC shaping bay, this is it. The Black Dingo makes the perfect "one and done" travel quiver if you want to keep your gear and board choices focused.

We're running the Black Dingo up with the 5-piece Dakine Bruce Irons Pro Traction Pad.

Why You Want This Board:
You're looking for a modern, all around hybrid design with solid paddle power and higher performance levels. The MC Black Dingo delivers with smooth surfing through a wide range of conditions.

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The Maurice Cole Black Dingo is a better wave hybrid design that excels in open water through a wide range of conditions.

7'4" x 22.5" x 2.95" Vol:52.75L

This board has a minor cosmetic blem that is the result of either a irregularity in the resin or blank, or a professional repair that is watertight and smooth to the touch. See thumbnail photo.

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