Lost V3 Rocket Carbon Wrap 6'0"

by Lost • SKU LOS17CWV31451
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6'0" x 20.25" x 2.5" Vol: 33.1L
Fin System: FCS II
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Board Details

Length 6'0"
Width 20.25"
Thickness 2.5"
Volume 33.1L
Construction Carbon Wrap
Tail Diamond
Fin System FCS II
Fin Setup Tri/Quad
Fins Not Included
Tail Patch Yes

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Product Information

REAL Review

While the name may indicate the V3 replaces the V2, it doesn’t. The V3 is an addition to the …Lost Rocket Family, much in the same way the Grocket was a relative of the OG Rocket. Compared to the V2, the new V3 has a slightly narrower nose, plus double wing rocket tail out the back that keeps it surfing tight in the pocket with a crisp high performance feel.

V3 Rocket Tech Specs
• V2 Rocket rocker and foil
• Slightly narrower nose at 12-18”
• Reduced tail area with double wing rocket tail

What we like:
…Lost and Matt Biolos have a great way of building out your quiver to make sure you have all the bases covered. The new V3 Rocket follows in the footsteps of its great uncle “The Grocket” with tighter, snappier turns, a looser feel and the ability to handle more powerful surf. Winger swallowtails are kind of dated right now, so Biolos instead chose to use a double wing Rocket tail, which results in a similar reduction of tail area, a unique “mini rocket” tail look, and a good bit of outline curve out the back of the board. This additional outline curve and reduced tail area free up the board in the pocket while at the same time adding control. This means you can rock out with your V3 Rocket even when the music gets loud and round!

We often get the question, “Which board is for me? The Rocket, the Sub Scorcher 2 or the Sub Driver?” Hopefully this info will help you decide:
Rocket : Wider nose, flatter entry rocket, typically ridden a touch shorter. Better choice for front footed surfers and more forgiving to heavy front foot, wrong foot placement on takeoff, etc. The shorter length fits nicely into smaller waves and also feels super balanced in the air.

Sub Scorcher 2: Narrower nose, flatter entry, more “hip” out the back to boost low end power and loosen board up. Better for HP surfers who ride flatter faced waves of any size. The most forgiving HP board in the …Lost lineup. The flatter rocker paddles really well to catch the flatter faced waves. Surfed equally well off front or rear foot. Front footed surfers will like it better than the Sub Driver.

Sub Driver: Narrower nose, more entry rocker, less tail rocker. Better for HP surfers who surf small to medium curvier waves. Added nose kick helps with late drops and getting “thrown” into waves rather than gliding into them. This added nose kick also helps the board fit better into curvier waves. Flatter tail rocker likes to be driven hard by back footed surfers.

Insider Info:
The name is definitely going to confuse everyone into thinking it replaces the V2, but it doesn’t. Just like the OG Rocket/Grocket combo, there is room for both and both will continue to exist. The V2 has more nose and tail area, more power in soft conditions and more forgiveness to heavy-footed surfers who hammer on their front foot (wider nose). If you live in a place where you get smaller waves that aren’t super hollow, the V2 is still a better single board quiver (unless you’re super light footed).

Where the V3 steps in, is with quiver building where surfers already have a groveler and are looking for one more board to surf from average surf all the way to heavier waves, good tubes, etc and still want the “Rocket feel”. Not as gunny as the Rockup, and with a very familiar “oh yea that will work” tail shape, the V3 is a good “non-indo” wave board that you can surf every time your groveler tops out. Looking at the outline, you can even compare it to the range of the super popular …Lost Mini Driver, just with reverse rocker pattern (flatter up front, accelerated rocker out the back.) The other go to range for this board is for Rocket fans who live in (or travel to) a location with rounder waves and a bit more punch, who want a one board quiver. Say for example Nicaragua. For this, the V3 is MONEY!

Why you want a V3 Rocket:
You like the Rocket feel but want more precision and the ability to handle more powerful surf.

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While the name may indicate the V3 replaces the V2, it doesn’t. The V3 is an addition to the …Lost Rocket Family, much in the same way the Grocket was a relative of the OG Rocket. Compared to the V2, the new V3 has a slightly narrower nose, plus double wing rocket tail out the back that keeps it surfing tight in the pocket with a crisp high performance feel.

6'0" x 20.25" x 2.5" Vol:33.1L

…Lost Description:
The "V3-Rocket" : V3 is an extension of the Rocket collection and a continuation of the Rocket tradition. We were looking for a one board quiver type of design. Starting with the V2-Rocket, The most notable difference being the double wings cut in the tail outline. These wings accelerate the reduction of surface area in tail curve, resulting in a noticeably narrower "Rocket" tail. Less width behind the rear foot equals more precision and more control in the pocket. It also allows for functionality in a wider range of wave size. The tail width at 12" is still substantial, netting a board that still feels fast, stable and squirty …even in smaller surf. When ridden as a quad, the narrower tail is freed up, allowing the surfer to stand a bit further forward and still remain loose and free in small surf. The nose outline was also pulled in a bit, in the 12-18" area, netting a more elliptical, catch free, overall outline that fits into curvy wave faces better than Rockets of the past. A more freed up and quick reacting outline that handles a wider range of waves, even powerful and well overhead, but still easy to paddle and surf in small or crowded conditions. Inspired by the positive performance feedback from the "Grocket" version (with single wing and pulled in swallow) that we released years ago. The "Grocket" was, and continues to be, a custom order favorite. Like the Grocket, The V3-Rockets higher performance characteristics in relation the other Rockets (and their wide tails) makes it the "fishy" board for guys who don't ride fish!

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