Lost Round Up PU/Poly 5'10"

by Lost • SKU LOS15149173
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5'10" x 18.38" x 2.32" Vol: 27.62L
Fin System: FCS II
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Board Details

SKU LOS15149173
Length 5'10"
Width 18.38"
Thickness 2.32"
Volume 27.62L
Construction PU/Poly
Tail Round Pin
Fin System FCS II
Fin Setup Tri/Quad
Fins Not Included
Tail Patch Yes

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Product Information

REAL Review

Most step up boards give you solid paddle power but give up looseness in the turns when you come across a flatter section. The Round Up provides a unique blend of paddle and looseness on the open face, making it an easy choice once the waves get going.

This board was conceived from the hugely popular …Lost Rock Up, which is still the board of choice when the surf is hammering. Slight changes were made to increase maneuverability and to widen the range on the lower end of the board’s surf range. Already, the Round Up is already becoming a very popular board under it’s own name and reputation, as most tubing waves also have flatter sections where big turns can be thrown. Whether you are using it at the bottom end of it’s range on the worst day of your surf trip, or connecting sections on a wave that’s going inside out on the barreling sections, this is a board that has the goods to make it happen with the right performance tuned into it.

…Lost Round Up Tech Specs
• …Lost Rock-Up inspired outline and foil
• More width and outline curve added to tail area
• Fuller, more rounded tail shape
• Slightly fuller rails compared to Rock Up

What we like:
This board was developed directly from …Lost Rock Up custom order feedback. Customers wanted the legendary Rock Up performance in big waves, but wanted it tuned for medium to large surf and also wanted daily driver turning ability on the open face. We’ve had a 6’3 …Lost Round Up for three months of good winter surf and here’s what immediately boiled to the surface. The Round Up does exactly what it was designed for. It paddles noticeably better than a shortboard, giving you maneuverability in the lineup and the ability to paddle into fast moving set waves. Once in the wave the outline and rocker fit like a perfect match into steeper, barreling waves. The Rock-Up does all of this, but where the two differ is on the open face of “average” sized waves. This is where the Round Up is looser, having more of a shortboard feel to it. Everything is a give and take. The Rock-Up has a bit more paddle power and top end control, the Round-Up trades a touch off on the paddle power and top end for better low end and increased maneuverability on the face.

There are going to be a lot of questions, like which one is for me? Rock-Up or Round-Up? It really depends on the rest of your quiver, and how big/hollow a wave you are willing to charge. If you are looking for a board in this size range that you can paddle into the biggest, gnarliest surf possible, that still has decent mid range performance, that’s going to be the Rock-Up. If you are looking for a board for punchy surf, chest high and above, but most of that surf being chest to two foot overhead, then the Round-Up is a better choice because you give up the finely tuned double overhead surf control for the added maneuverability in the surf you are riding 98% of the time. Make sense?

Insider Info:
We got to ride our …Lost Round Up in the same session as a …Lost V3 Round-It and ...Lost V3 Rocket (both incredible boards, so a good comparison). The Round-Up is noticeably smoother and more confident in head high barreling surf, than either of these two boards. The reason we say this is that we’ve already had some people contemplating a V3 Round-It as a step up board for their V3 Rocket. In that same situation, you would be better going Round-Up as the step up, as the V3 Round-It doesn’t really give you much extra high end compared to V3 Rocket, and if you go with a longer length V3 Round-It, the volume and rails will be too big and floaty.

The Round Up comes stock as a thruster, but there a good number of them set up as 5-finners (our test board included). It works well as both a thruster and a quad, so if you have the option to go 5-fin, go for it. Our first three sessions we set it up as a thruster and it performed flawlessly, super smooth and confident in head high barreling surf. If you find one set up as thruster only, you’re still getting an incredible board that will add wave range and confidence in dealing conditions to your quiver.

Why you want a …Lost Round-Up?:
You surf a good number of chest to 2’ overhead, hollower days and want a board finely tuned to those conditions. This board feels like it was actually made from a mold formed by those wave faces. It’s a perfect fit.

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The Lost Round Up is a step up designed for better surf, barrels and solid turns with a good dose of everyday performance injected into the design. 5'10" x 18.38" x 2.32" Vol:27.62L

...Lost Description:
The RoundUp came as a reaction to the repeated requests and feedback from custom order clients claiming the RockUp was “great in serious waves, but too gunny for all but the most powerful and hollow days”. I set out to improve this. Soon enough, tweaking almost every custom order RockUp in to a “Round-Up”. We started by adding width and curve to the tail (in the last 24”) and changing it from a pin to a softer, rounded pin. The added surface area, and curve in the tail, alone make for a far more free wheeling and playful board that still excels in solid surf. The rocker, foil and forward outline remain as the original RockUp, but we raised the rail apex, making the rails slightly more full and forgiving. This also adds some volume and feels a bit closer to rails on an every day board. Simply said, The RoundUp is now a significantly more user friendly “StepUp” that comes to life in even modestly above average surf. It allows high performance rail surfing and tube riding, and makes it easy to control speed and hold critical lines in head high and bigger, hollow/powerful waves. No longer requiring heaving, heavy, “day of the year” type surf to perform. Everyone should have one!

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