Lost Puddle Fish PU/Poly 5'9"

by Lost • SKU LOS17161575
Sold out
5'9" x 21.5" x 2.56" Vol: 35.99L
Fin System: FCS II
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Board Details

SKU LOS17161575
Length 5'9"
Width 21.5"
Thickness 2.56"
Volume 35.99L
Construction PU/Poly
Tail Swallow
Fin System FCS II
Fin Setup Tri/Quad
Fins Not Included
Tail Patch No

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Product Information

REAL Review

...Lost continues the Puddle Jumper legacy by adding another sibling to the lineup. Puddle Jumper Squash, Lib Tech Puddle Jumper Wing Squash, Puddle Jumper Round Pin, ....and now the …Lost Puddle Fish.

“A traditional fish with speed and maneuverability that looks like you have a board from the year 2030 and not the 1930s.” – Tommie Kogut 

The new ...Lost Puddle Fish takes the proven Puddle Jumper design concept and turbo charges it with extra speed and drive. Design tweaks include a wide point forward outline, straighter rail and rocker line in the back half of the board, inverted swallowtail with wide tailblock, and a channel bottom for added thrust and grip.

Tech Specs
• Wide point forward outline
• Straighter outline (more parallel) through back half of board
• Flatter rail rocker under front foot
• Inverted swallowtail with wide tailblock
• Channel bottom
• 5-fin set up
• Available in all ...Lost constructions: PU/Poly, Carbon Wrap, C3 Cork Carbon Composite and Black Dart.

What We Like:
We were lucky enough to receive our school of Puddle Fish a solid month prior to the official release, allowing us to get a good feel for the board both in Cape Hatteras (sandy beach breaks) and Puerto Rico (reefs and points).

This board takes a very familiar (and popular) design and tweaks it out for added speed and down the line drive. If you've surfed any of the Puddle Jumpers, you'll feel right at home on your first wave on this board. The changes in the outline and rocker give this board INSANE down the line drive (thrust) out of every turn. 

“Once you are up on the wave, the Puddle Fish feels pretty nimble and responsive for a full foam board. When you put the board on rail, that is when the magic happens. As soon as the Puddle Fish goes on rail, it accelerates.  Not just a little, but a lot.  This thing smokes out of turns.” – Matt Nuzzo 

You can feel the Puddle Fish accelerating every time you lay down the rail into a turn. Unlike old school fish that can feel drifty, the Puddle Fish remains in total control, which allows you to do two things....1. Go ever faster and 2. Lay into fully committed turns. On some of our favorite waves in PR, this was the fastest we've ever surfed, and it wasn't even hard coming up with that verdict. The speed down the line was mind blowing.

For wave range, we surfed our Puddle Fish from knee high up to a foot or so overhead. The sweet spot seemed to be knee to shoulder high. In this range the added speed helps you surf more aggressively and make un-makeable sections with ease. On the bigger waves (which admittedly are outside of its design target), the board had plenty of control and hold carving and swooping. The speeds you could build to in these kind of conditions were crazy. Turning at these speeds required some rail finesse and the right fin setup. See “Insider Info” for some tips on this. 

In a nutshell, the Puddle Fish combines the down the line drive and speed of an old school fish with the hold, confidence and maneuverability of a new school hybrid groveler.

Insider Info:

Our boards were set up with the FCS2 fin system. This allowed us to switch fins easily to match the conditions. The two "normal" quad set ups we used were the Mayhem Quads (large) and then also upsizing the front fins to Performer XL. Granted, this is for a heavier surfer, but both these set ups can be achieved with smaller sized fins to achieve the same results. 

With the matched Mayhem quad setup the board was very fast and free (noticeably frictionless) through the water. This was the easiest quad setup to break free in the turns and the one that had the most confidence at the highest speeds in bigger surf. The first few waves on this set up felt a bit loose until you dialed in the feel, after that it was game on.

The quad set up with upsized front fins (Performer XL fronts with Mayhem quad rears) produced some added drive and a bit more positive/locked in feel. This was one of our favorites in smaller, crumbly surf where added drive down the line helped with the conditions. If you're a smaller surfer you can match this setup by choosing one size up for your front fins.

We also used the FCS2 Split Keels, which are very similar to the Futures Seaworthys. This raked quad set up had the most hold and locked in feeling. If you think the standard quad is a bit too loose, try these or the upsized front fins.

In an effort to create a more pivotal turn off the top (versus a carvey, speed, flowing turn that comes with this much speed) we threw in a set of Performer thrusters. This is a lesson learned from our experience on the Christenson Nautilus, where the board by itself has so much speed it doesn't need quad fins for more speed. In that board, the thruster helps it pivot and break its line. The same results held true on the Puddle Fish. The thruster set up is a great option on this board when condition allow you to trade some of the off the charts speed for more vertical/pivotal turns.

The width of the tailblock on the Puddle Fish requires a wide tailpad. The pad on the board in this video and photos is the …Lost “Back in Black” Wide.

Why You Want This Board:

You're looking for a new school, grovel style board with mad speed and drive. The Puddle Fish is fast, fast,fast and fun!

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The ...Lost Puddle Fish is a new fishy spin on the proven ...Lost Puddle Jumper design concept. This futuristic, spaceship looking sled is a linear (down the line) rocket ship.  5'9" x 21.5' x 2.56' Vol: 35.99L

...Lost's Description:

The Puddle Fish is an extreme little speed machine. A fast and fishy spin on the ever popular Puddle Jumper. Distinctly shaped with an inverted swallow tail, set inside a wide square tail, and a speed bleeding release channel exiting the tail. Designed for un-adulterated lateral speed in small surf, the Puddle Fish sprung forth from an extended flat spell this past summer, and the need for something fresh to inspire me to get out there regardless.
Beginning with the Puddle Jumper, and retaining its performance defining rocker and spiral vee under the rear foot, I pushed the wide point slightly forward, widened and squared off the the tail block and really pulled in/straightened out the hip area of the outline between the feet. These changes, combined with reducing the depth of the concave through the center of the board (which straightens and flattens the rail rocker under the front foot), all work together to build more linear speed down the line, across flats and through slop. The inverted swallow and angular corners of the square tail reduces the surface area behind the rear foot, adding bite and control without sacrificing the extreme drive generated by the straight tail outline and rail rocker. The entire design is wrapped up with a speed bleeding "afterburner" release channel, which sits inside the double concave vee panels and is toed in slightly, to run parallel with the rear quad fin placement. The channel then exits at the apex of the inverted swallow. My goal was to design a board that matches the flat line speed of any alternative "fish" design, without the cumbersome, drifty feeling most of these boards possess, and allow full force, small wave, rail surfing with confidence. Also available as a custom without the release channel.

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