Liquid Force NV V8 Kite

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Product Information

REAL Review

The Liquid Force NV is a versatile three strut kite that excels in the hands of beginners and pros like REAL teamrider Brandon Scheid. The complete rebuild on this light weight kite make it feel like a flying ball of power in the sky.

Key Performance Characteristics

Responsiveness Responds rapidly with rider input and slows down considerably by using the slower turning speed settings on the wing tip.
Turn Radius Medium turn radius
Window Position Middle of the window - not too deep, not too shallow
Wind Range Moderate wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 12m in 16-21mph wind
Relaunch Great relaunch
Bar Pressure Medium Bar Pressure - Adjustable via wingtip settings
Power Per Size Rides true to size, this kite flies best in the middle of it’s wind range

Tech Specs

Material Teijin Single Rip Stop Canopy, EVA Scuff Guards, Dacron tensioned trailing edge
Valve Max Flow High Flow Valve and standard 9mm inflate valve
Bridle Super compact and simple bridle that never gets hung up.
Wingtip Full shape with a slight angled wing tip for improved relaunch
Bonus Synergy Strut construction creates a rigid canopy. This is 8th year of NV development.

What We Like

The Liquid Force NV has been a staff favorite for personal sessions and teaching since it’s initial release. This kite has stood the test of time and undergone many revisions in its eight years running. For 2017 Liquid Force rolled out a completely new design that stays true to its beginner friendliness and wakestyle roots.

The 2017 NV retains all of its easy to fly characteristics we have always loved, and it packs a lot more fun for advanced kiters looking to boost higher and unhook more. The complete rebuild of this kite resulted in it being a lot lighter feeling and faster turning. We put fast progressing beginners and intermediate kiters on the NV to aid in their progression. Veterans pick the NV for its consistency and versatility in all types of sessions.

The feel of the NV builds confidence. The kite is rock solid in the sky in even the gustiest of winds. You could close your eyes and always know where the NV is cause it feels like a ball of power connected to the end of your lines. There is enough bar pressure to feel the kite but no so much that it causes fatigue.

Tomahawk Test

We Tomahawked the NV and came back with good results. The low aspect (fat) shape rolls over itself well and the bridals are so compact that you don’t have to worry about a bridal wrap. Even after rolling over itself we were able to relaunch the NV.

In some scenarios (crashing the kite really hard leading edge down) we experienced the Max Flow valve flap unseating itself which results in a slow leak. This can be avoided by clamping off your strut connections. The valve will reset once you open the cap on the Max Flow.

Insider Info

The NV is literally a flying ball of power. Whether it is turning, flying through the window, or parked this kite offers a consistent pull no matter where it is in the window. What this means for you is the kite tells you where it is at all times. It’s hard to lose track of the NV and easy to focus on your riding.

The NV unhooks with minimal power surge so you can maintain in control for sliders, kickers and unhooked freestyle with ease. Brandon Scheid is a REAL teamrider and one of the world’s wakestyle elite. No matter if he’s just out for a rip, or competing in the Wind Voyager Triple S Invitational Brandon always flies the NV.

The NV’s quick tight turn makes this a great kite for learning kite loops, it’s not a mega looper like some C kites, but it will catch you after a big loop.

The bags on the 13.5 and 15m NV are too small. They fit the kite if you fold it right, but if you are a slob, you will need to fold your kite twice to get it in the bag.

Who is the NV for?

The 2017 NV is designed for everybody. This kite works for beginners, kitesurfers, and wakestyle pros. Kiters looking for a no nonsense kite to maximize their progression will be stoked on the NV. If you change riding style like your socks, get the NV!


The Liquid Force NV is a versatile three strut kite that excels in the hands of beginners and pros like REAL teamrider Brandon Scheid. The complete rebuild on this light weight kite make it feel like a flying ball of power in the sky.

- Maxflow Inflation System
- One Pump System
- 0.1mm TPU Bladder
- Synergy Strut
- Layered Frame
- Teijin Canopy
- High Sweep Wingtips
- LE English Seams
- Sandwich Assembly
- Tapered LE Tips
- Rider Adjustability

Liquid Force's Description:
Departures from the norm and outside the box thinking are what bring strides in the next generation product development. The challenge with this philosophy of thinking and development is to retain all the specific characteristics that 7 years of Envy development has achieved. We have reached a point where the Envy is one of the most user friendly, versatile kites on the market.

The 8th version of the Envy is now here. Not only does the NV have a new name moniker, but also utilizes a completely new profile and airframe geometrics.

The most noticeable change is in the wingtip geometry. This drastic change has produced prolific improvements in kite input back to the rider, allowing the rider to focus on what is in front of them and not what is going on above them in the kite. Another benefit of this shape is reduction of wingtip flaring, allowing the kite to move faster through the wind window and reduce light wind back stalling. The Leading edge diameter has become more tuned in shape by reducing the diameter in key areas. Reduction in LE shape adds in speed across the wind window and makes for a fluid turning radius.

Support of the LE and canopy airframe has been improved over the past generations. The NV V8 utilizes a new bridle schematic that includes a V load transfer connection. This connection eliminates canopy distortion and creates a more stable bridge of bridle connection points supporting the LE.

The NV still retains its legendary stability, its easy to predict on/off feel and bombproof construction, while holding the position as one of the most versatile cross condition and riding style kites on the market. From pro freestyler, to wave seeker, or the weekend warrior, the NV will perform beyond expectations.

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