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Product Information

REAL Review

The GTS4 is a high performance freestyle beast for hooked and unhooked hard core riding. It has a full wing tip that generates solid power through turns and and kite loops.

Key Performance Characteristics

Responsiveness Very responsive - Turns quickly with rider input
Turn Radius Wide, powerful turn
Window Position Mid window position
Wind Range Good wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 12m in 16-22mph wind - This kite likes to be ridden powered
Relaunch Moderate Relaunch - Always relaunches but can take time
Bar Pressure High Bar Pressure - Adjustable via wingtip settings
Power Per Size Rides true to size, this kite flies best powered

Tech Specs

Material Core Tex Triple Core Ripstop and Exotex Dacron
Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection and one pump inflation
Bridal Compact Bridle with Pulleys
Wingtip Square wingtip with subtle wing sweep
Bonus Extra large kite bag

What We Like

The GTS4 has a lot of C kite attributes but will give you more wind range and ease of use than a C kite that has limited wind range and is not forgiving. The GTS4 is very user friendly. The full wing tip gets exposed to more wind as you are turning it than a pinched wing tip kite like the XR4, so it generates power through the turn rather than just in a straight line. You have a heavier feel in the bar and when you unhook there is no additional surge of power or backstall. Most bridled kites have very little slack for unhooked handle passes, but the GTS4 had almost as much slack as most C kites we ride.

The turning speed is quick and crisp. It feels like you are driving a high performance sports car as you speed the kite around the wind window. Not only is the kite fast turning, but it flies fast through the air. This will increase your board speed on the water. Kite loops are a blast on the GTS4 as you have almost no flutter and constant power through the entire loop. There is no dead spot either. The kite just rips through the loop.

Tomahawk Test

Core makes some of the strongest kites on the market, these are ready to be crashed, rolled and ridden hard. One issue we have found with rolling Core kites is the high V on their bar. It is very difficult to bar juggle with the Core bar so you will likely have to return to the beach if you roll the GTS4

Insider Info

The bridle on the GTS4 will offer you a lot more depower than the standard C kite. The power band is very gradual on the GTS4, so you will not get tossed around as you rip around doing tricks. Despite having some depower, you will hit a cap on the top end range of the GTS4 and even if you sheet the bar more, you won't get more depower. Like most Core kites, you will still have steering even when you are gassed and fully depowered. The GTS4 shares similarities with a true C kite and requires riders to control speed with edge control as well as kite flying.

These kites are fast turning and really sporty in the air. A lot of riders that are doing unhooked tricks move the turning speed to the slowest setting on the trailing edge bridle. They also use wake style attachments on the leading edge bridle to get more grunt and set the kite deeper in the wind window. These adjustment are great to personalize the kite feel to your riding style and size.

Jumping the GTS4 is really predictable. In the air, you can feel the kite, so you won't get lost and over correct. You won't get max loft and hang time out of this kite unless you are an aggressive rider that rides with speed and knows how to send it.

We liked the GTS4 in the surf more than the Free because of the faster turning speed.

Who is the Core GTS4 for?

This kite is really high performance but also really easy to ride, so you don't need to be a pro or do unhooked tricks to enjoy it. We had male and female riders of intermediate and better ability ride and love this kite. Everyone came back with their eyes wide open and comments about how precise and sporty this kite felt on the water. If you want to ride hard, fast and do lots of tricks, then the GTS4 is for you.


The GTS4 is a high performance freestyle beast for hooked and unhooked hard core riding. It has a full wing tip that generates solid power through turns and and kite loops.

Core's Description:
Meet the newest member of the Universal+ Series: The indomitable GTS4. Built with the same radical, 3 strut, bridled, C-kite configuration as its forerunner. But now, with more precision; a prodigious operating range; and dare we say, a little more badassery. The 4th generation of the legendary GTS series sports refinements to its Future-C shape, bridles, and construction. Refinements that make the GTS4 more powerful, precise, and responsive. On the rail. In the tube. Or in the air. Experience our interpretation of controlled aggression embodied in: Powerful, controllable, turns with a radius that extends just beyond its wingtips. Superb bar feel by virtue of its shorter Short Bridle System. And unbelievably responsive ExoTex construction. GTS4. Exactly what you would expect from CORE. And a little more.

An easy choice for unhooked freestyle, relaxed freeriding, or waves of any size. With its linear and predictable behavior, you might even think the new GTS4 is virtually connected to your cortex. Its signature turns complement any transition and gets you going when that big wave is chasing you down. Try the ultra-agile wave...unhooked...kiteloop machine soon. And unleash your inner freestyle ninja.

Key Features:
• Future C-Shape
• 4-line kite
• 3 Strut Frame
• Radical Reaction Tips
• ExoTex Dacron
• CoreTex Triple Ripstop Canopy
• Ultrashort Bridle System
• User Adjustable Core Intelligent Trim System
• Speed Valve 2 / Speed Pump Inflation System
• GrinTex Reinforcement Patches in key areas
• Instant water relaunch

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