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Product Information

REAL Review

The Core Free is an easy to fly beginner/intermediate kite. It’s marketed for wave riding but the Freerider/Cruiser is the kiter who will appreciate the Free.

Key Performance Characteristics

Responsiveness Responsive - turns quickly with rider input
Turn Radius Narrow, pivotal turn
Window Position Mid window position
Wind Range Good wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 12m in 15-22mph wind.
Relaunch Easy relaunch
Bar Pressure Light Bar Pressure
Power Per Size Rides true to size, this kite has a great low end

Tech Specs

Material Core Tex Triple Core Ripstop and Exotex Dacron
Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection and one pump inflation
Bridle Compact Bridle with Pulleys
Wingtip Narrow swept wing tip
Bonus Extra large kite bag

What We Like

The Core Free works and works damn well. The top quality construction that is seen in other Core products has not been spared on this kite. They use the extra strong triple ripstop CoreTex canopy material and super rigid ExoTech leading edge and strut Dacron. What does that mean for you? The kite will feel and ride the same on day one as day one hundred.

The Free has a fatter and lower aspect design and is comboed up with a really simple short bridle system. That means that when you crash the kite, it is really hard to invert. Even in the worst teaching scenarios we have not seen the Free invert. There is no bridle wrap or catching on the wing tip during water relaunch either. The water relaunch was super easy even in underpowered conditions. All this translates into the kite working and not messing up even when you do.

When you ride the Free you always feel the kite in your hands and on the harness hook. Sometimes people refer to this as "smooth power". This gives you confidence to not have to look at the kite while you are riding it. When you push the bar away to depower or pull in for more power, the power delivery is slow and steady. The Free will let you focus on riding the board instead of wrestling with the kite.

Tomahawk Test

Core makes some of the strongest kites on the market, these are ready to be crashed, rolled and ridden hard. Their materials and construction hold up better than any kites on the market. One issue we have found with rolling the Free is with the high V on their bar. The high V on the bar makes it more difficult to untwist the lines after you have rolled the kite through the center lines.

Insider Info

We were really confused when we saw the Free marketing because it marketed this kite as the go to wave and freestyle kite. It seemed like it was a three strut XR4 until we got them out there and rode it. We think that brands are afraid to market a product as an entry level kite in the fear that people will not want to buy a "beginner kite". The reality is that a lot of beginners and intermediates want a kite that is simple, will work every time and not give them any headaches. For that person, the Free is perfect.

Since the Free has been marketed so heavily as a wave kite, we have to discuss the wave riding performance. In the surf you will find the Free to be fast turning, the light weight three strut design allows the kite to drift well with no back stalling, and the steady pull of the kite will not rip you off your edge when you are on a wave.

A lot of people are asking how does the Free compare to the XR4. "It looks like a three strut version of the XR4." The two biggest differences come in wind range and jumping. The XR4 is designed to have a huge wind range with lots of low end power and tons of depower. The Free has less usable wind range than the XR4. The jumping capability of the XR4 is second to none, and it gives you a very vertical up with a long glide down on jumps. The Free has a lower level and more predictable jump that has an easy up and easy down feel.

Who is the Core Free for?

This is an excellent kite for freeride sessions, cruising and it performs well in the surf. If you want a easy fly and forgiving kite that’s built to last, the Free is for you.


Hang loose and ride knee highs like they’re overheads. Test your limits on those really big days. Or, just chill and cruise on your trusty surfboard, twintip or skimboard. This kite is designed to be a great all-arounder.

Hang loose and ride knee highs like they’re overheads. Test your limits on those really big days. Or, just chill and cruise on your trusty surfboard, twintip or skimboard. Without fussing about your kite or the wind. Because you know the new CORE Free is there for you. With its mad surf skills, smooth air-style, and signature CORE ride-ability, you may suspect your new kite has super powers. And we think so too.

This 3 strut, delta bow inspired design lets you be you. A kite that gives you the freedom to surf, play or shred. In the waves. Or on the slick. With the comfort of your favorite sneakers. The precision of an F-15. And waterstarts of a kite half its size. Your first choice for short sessions, wicked weekends or your next round the world adventure. Express yourself with CORE’s newest addition to its legendary Universal+ Series of high performance all-rounders. And experience the awesomeness of this wave, freeride, and hooked-in style master.

• 3 Strut Light Frame
Less is more. The Free inherits the GTS’s 3 Strut Light Frame concept which promotes more twist than a similar kite with five struts. More twist initiates faster turns and bigger grins. In addition, the reduced kite weight improves slack line drifting.

• Delta Bow Shape
The best of both worlds. The Free is recognized by the classic concave trailing edge of a bow; the swept back wings and smaller tips of a delta shape. This magic combination maximizes depower and control for early planing; upwind performance and, of course, big air. The shape also contributes to CORE’s signature precision, bar feel, relaunch-ability, and turn characteristics.

• Intelligent Arc
Intelligent Arc is a bridle configuration perfected on the XR series that modifies the airfoil on demand in a linear and direct way. Like a bird that spreads its wings to generate more lift, the Free increases its wingspan with a pull on the bar. Likewise, sheet out and the kite folds in its wings and depowers. Intelligent Arc. For precise, controllable, power and depower on demand.

• 4 Line Setup
Classic, clean and safe. The Free’s simple 4 line rigging gets you on the water in no time and benefits from the Sensor 2 bar’s proven SSF safety. Why change something that ain’t broke?

• Ultrashort Bridle System
Say goodbye to bridle induced bowties with our shortest bridle system ever. The new configuration improves feedback so you can better sense your kite position. For precise, tight but not overpowering, pivoty turns. In the larger kite sizes, this reflexivity increases even more so. Say hello to the un-bowtie-able Free.

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