Christenson Flat Tracker 2.0 PU/Poly 8'0"

by Christenson • SKU CHR17192954
Sold out
8'0" x 21.5" x 3"
Fin System: Futures
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Board Details

SKU CHR17192954
Length 8'0"
Width 21.5"
Thickness 3"
Construction PU/Poly
Tail Squash
Fin System Futures
Fin Setup Tri
Fins Not Included
Tail Patch No

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Product Information

REAL Review

The original Christenson Flat Tracker has long been the brand’s best selling board. The OG Flat Tracker features a wider square tail, and won the hearts of many through its smooth glide across long California walls. Touted as a “one-board quiver for tripping the California coast”, the OG Flat Tracker came close to doing it all. Its forte was slopey waves ridden at slow to medium speeds. In punchier surf, it’s still predictable and in control, it’s just that the wider square tail with minimal rocker is sometimes a handful to slow down to keep in the pocket. This brought about the idea of updating the Flat Tracker to address this area of performance. Enter to 2.0…

The Flat Tracker 2.0 features a very similar front half of the board when compared to the original version. The major differences are in the back end of the board, where it has borrowed many of the designed advancements from the Christenson Invisible Policeman. The 2.0 tail features a reduced area thumb tail, and a noticeable amount of vee forward of the fin. The combination of these two changes makes the board significantly easier to roll in and out of turns, control at speed, and surf the pocket more precisely. While most Flat Tracker 2.0s come standard as a single fin, there are also a limited number available as dedicated thrusters.

Tech Specs
•Mid length glide oriented design
•Full length vee/concave bottom shape
•Tapered cedar stringer: strength up front, flex in the tail
•Square tail
•6/4 x 6oz glass schedule for added durability and momentum
•Single fin set up – available as thruster limited edition or custom order
•Available 6’8 up to 9’0

What We Like
We received our 7’6 Flat Tracker 2.0 right at the beginning of one of the best summers in Cape Hatteras history. We also took the FT 2.0 to the long sand points of mainland Mexico. So needless to say, we got a TON of time surfing it, in everything from peaky beachbreak, to 600-700 yard long points. This board is a great mid length board to always have in your car – because you can literally surf it in anything. Dribbly longboard surf, all the way up to pumping points, the changes in this board make it considerably more fun to surf in the top half of the conditions compared to the original FT, and more maneuverable in all conditions.

It’s often the subtleties of Christenson boards that leave you frothing. First off, the glide on the 2.0 is what you’d expect from one of the best in the business. This board is a wave catching machine and doesn’t ever have to be hopped. All smooth all the time is the name of the game. When looking at the rails, it seems Chris spent just as much time (or more) shaping them as he did the rest of the board. This is why the FT 2.0 feels so good on rail, plus covers the range from total mush all the way up to sliding into barrels on takeoff. Positive control. Always the right feel.

We had so much on fun on this board we can’t even begin to think about letting it go. From small waves all the way to overhead it handles a super wide range of surf conditions. Yes, the OG version has a slight advantage in the mushiest of surf, and the C-Bucket is faster with better hold in tubes, but the Flat Tracker 2.0 surfs the entire gamut well enough to always be stoked.

Insider Info
The combination of the wider nose and narrower tail requires you to position yourself a notch further forward on the board when paddling compared to the OG Flat Tracker. Once you find this spot, it paddles and catches waves just as easy as the original.

After surfing this board umpteen hundred sessions, we scraped off the wax before our trip to Mexico and found the deck to be in really, really good condition. Christenson’s choice of blanks, stringers and glass schedules are ON POINT for how often this board will be used and how long you will keep it in your quiver.

We noticed this board with its ability to handle higher speeds, craved a little more drive down the line, so we went with a slightly longer fin compared to what we had run on the OG Flat Tracker. On this board, we went with the Captain Fin 8.5 Joel Tudor. It’s 1” deeper than the 7.5” Brothers Marshall we used on our comparable OG Flat Tracker, but it is much higher aspect (taller and skinnier) so the overall area is probably only a little more. The deeper fin gives you a bit more spring out of your turns, which paired with the updated tail shape, allows for some super fun lines.

The Flat Tracker 2.0 will eventually replace the OG version completely, as far as stock Flat trackers go. The OG version will still be available as a custom order.

Why you want a Christenson Flat Tracker 2.0:
You’re looking for a classic mid length with glide, maneuverability and wave range. The Flat Tracker 2.0 fits the bill and always leaves you smiling.


Based on early to mid seventies design this model likes the pocket and is a great small to medium wave barrel hunter.

8'0" x 21.5" x 3" Thruster set-up

Christenson Description:
The Flat Tracker was designed to trim at high speeds yet be maneuverable and release from the tail. Based on early to mid seventies design this model likes the pocket and is a great small to medium wave barrel hunter. A great board for someone looking for a one-board solution for tripping up and down the California coast.

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