Chilli Pretty Sweet PU/Poly 5'4"

by Chilli • SKU CHI17130583
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5'4" x 21" x 2.375" Vol: 30L
Fin System: FCS II
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Board Details

SKU CHI17130583
Length 5'4"
Width 21"
Thickness 2.375"
Volume 30L
Construction PU/Poly
Tail Squash
Fin System FCS II
Fin Setup Tri/Quad
Fins Not Included
Tail Patch Yes

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Product Information

REAL Review

The Chilli Pretty Sweet is a clean lined, no nonsense groveler with insane speed, control and maneuverability.

The Chilli Pretty Sweet fills a much needed spot in the Chilli lineup with great groveling potential, control and speed. This is a very accessible board for any ability surfer, novice to advanced. Thinner rails and a pulled in nose give the Pretty Sweet more top end than most dedicated grovelers. The Pretty Sweet is....Pretty Sweet!

Pretty Sweet Tech Specs:

• Hybrid nose

• Flat entry rocker with conservative tail rocker

• Reduced volume, foiled rails and nose

• Slight vee to spiral vee bottom shape

• Carbon tail patches

• 5-fin set up

What We Like

The Pretty Sweet is Chilli’s deepest stab at conquering sub par surf conditions. Compared to the Chilli Miami Spice, the Pretty Sweet has a slightly wider nose, flatter rocker, and wider tail. While the nose is wider than the Miami Spice, and “fuller” in Chilli’s description of the board, it’s definitely more pulled in and foiled (thinned out) compared to other dedicated grovelers.

Here’s what Matt Nuzzo had to say after demoing my 6’0 x 40.5 liter Pretty Sweet:
“The nose looks more like a hybrid nose than a big, flat and wide groveler nose. This helps a ton with duck diving. Even if you are over foamed, the nose of the board does not push back when you try to duck dive like most other full foamed grovelers. When the sneaker set comes, you can actually get under it.”

The rocker on the Pretty Sweet is noticeably flat with just a bit of release off the tail. This makes for super easy paddling and wave catching, plus excellent glide across flat spots. Speaking of flat spots, or even non existent spots, the Pretty Sweet generates mad speed across them when pumped rail to rail, which is easy thanks to the vee to spiral vee bottom shape.

The very first thing we noticed on the Pretty Sweet were the nicely foiled rails. Normally grovelers have fuller rails, but this board has more of a high performance foiled rail. So on our test board at 6’0 x 22 x 2.75 x 40.5 liters, the rails felt like something around 2.5 or 2.56 thick. These rails had more control and grip at speed and initiated turns more quickly. All while not giving up any low end grovel power.

All around the Pretty Sweet is a killer board that just about any surfer would be stoked to add to their quiver. Accessible enough for the average surfer and HP enough for the advanced crew to froth over. Chilli hit the nail on the head with this one.

Insider Info

You can ride the Pretty Sweet effectively in a wide size range per your weight. Low volume for rippers, grovel volume for mortals, and higher volume for those wanting to “super size” it for super easy paddling and wave catching. The key to the board working upsized are the thin rails. A lot of grovelers start with full rails which grow exponentially as you size them up, making the board difficult to impossible to turn and control at speed.

The Chilli Pretty Sweet overcomes this issue with its low volume rails. Matt (at 170lbs) loving the performance of the 6’0 @ 40.5 liters is the proof in the pudding that this board can be ridden over foamed without sacrificing performance.

The Pretty Sweet is fast, fast, fast and also stable. Stable = accessible and fun. This board is equally at home under pros feet as it is under a novice coming off a soft top. That’s a pretty wide spread of abilities, but this board, sized properly, will stoke them all.

We used a variety of fin set ups on our Chilli Pretty Sweet. Our board had a Futures 5-fin set up. For flat faced super speed pumping, the Futures Seaworthy Controllers were the ticket. Once the wave has some push you can switch to a normal
quad set with a higher speed generating Ride Number like the Roberts Generation Series. On the big days, if you’re feeling any drift in your turns, adding small finger fin in the center box keeps the tail glued to the water for a more positive feel through the turns. For thruster fans, go with the same; a fin that has the ability to help you generate additional speed in soft conditions.

The tailpad we used on this board is the Creatures Mick Fanning “Eugene” Wide.

Why You Want a Chilli Pretty Sweet

This board grows on you. The first time you feel the rails you’re intrigued. The first time you surf it you’re hooked.


The Pretty Sweet, is our newest grovel model. You can now battle Larry the long boarder and surf circles around ocean sweepers.

5'4" x 21" x 2.375" Vol:30L

Chilli Description:
The Pretty Sweet, is our newest grovel model. You can now battle Larry the long boarder and surf circles around ocean sweepers. The Pretty Sweet offers a ton of volume in a small neat package. It starts with a fuller nose that transitions into a nice wide mid section outline finished with a simple round square tail. The bottom offers a subtle vee under the chest to a more aggressive spiral vee through the fins, this helps it transition from rail to rail with minimal effort. Combine that with a low rail which provides plenty of bite, making it super responsive and not scared of hitting a bonus section. The overall rocker is relatively flat with a slight flip in the nose and subtle exit through the tail turning it into a paddling and wave catching craft. Ride the Pretty Sweet 4-6 inches smaller than you shortboard.

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