Armstrong Premium Carbon CF Wing Foil Package w/ Wing FG Foilboard & XPS

by Armstrong • SKU BNDLXPSCFFG1
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CF V2 Front Wing
Wing FG Foilboard
XPS Wing
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Product Information


From Armstrong
Carving Freeride V2

The CF V2’s all around user friendliness appeals to both beginners seeking a foundation for progression and experienced riders pushing their boundaries. Low stall speeds combined with excellent pitch stability provide control and increased flying time across a variety of foiling sports.

CF1600 V2

The CFv2 1600 makes wake foil, surf foil, wing foil, or kite foil accessible to everyone. This is the ultimate in all around foils for riders 140 pounds or more.

CF2050 V2

The CFv2 2050 is the go-to foil for learning to wing surf and larger riders surf, sup or wake foiling. If you are into wake foiling and want to ride wakes 4, 5 or 6 wakes behind the boat or dock start then the CFv2 2050 is the choice. This foil is like having training wheels to learn to wing foil or wake foil due to the extreme stability and excellent low speed lift.

Wing FG Foilboard

The Wing FG board range is designed for winging. Its refined shape packs more volume into smaller dimensions, allowing riders to experience the riding performance of a smaller board while facilitating ease of use. A swept wedge nose, cleanly arranged tail geometry and full length chines result in a unique level of functionality, refinement and aesthetics. Ten sizes from 34-135L offer something for riders of all skill levels and weights.


Experience a big jump in overall performance without having to trade substantial volume to get there.

  • Compared to the FG board ranges, the Wing boards have an overall narrower outline for increased planing speed, higher turning performance and reduced windage.
  • Improved stability with a wider, flatter standing area and contoured deck grip edges.
  • Incredibly smooth and easy takeoffs and touchdowns with a cleaner, reduced area bottom shape.
Forward Geometry

Emphasising modularity within board design, Armstrong introduced a major innovation to wing boards in 2021 with the Forward Geometry concept. Designed to work with any brand of foil, the FG design increases responsiveness by placing the foil more centrally and reducing swing weight in turns. The Wing board range carries on that design legacy with FG foil tracks that are strategically placed well forward for maximum manoeuvrability and a hyper connected feel on foil, delivering high performance to riders on all the board sizes.

Proven Construction
  • Ultra stiff double skin carbon PVC sandwich resists dinging and pressure denting
  • Deck to bottom i-beam dual stringers provide maximum structural rigidity for a sublime feel when riding and industry-leading durability.
  • Proprietary carbon fibre foil tracks are keyed directly into the fibres of the stringers for a fully integrated construction.


Whether you’re free flying, wave riding or sending a freestyle session, the all new A-Wing XPS delivers. We recruited the world’s leading wing and kite designers to craft a wing with a hyper connected riding feel, sublime upwind performance, next- level speed and rock solid stability. Whether you’re free flying, wave riding or sending a freestyle session, the all new A-Wing XPS

We recruited some of the world’s leading wing and kite designers to push this shape to the next level. Each aspect of the new A-Wing XPS was tirelessly thought out, tested and finely tuned in a wide range of riding conditions.

  • An innovative cross panel sail (XPS) design provides an outstanding level of connection when riding. This futuristic panel layout greatly reduces sail distortion by improving load distribution and frame rigidity. This gives all the wing sizes a very direct and controlled feel for easy and comfortable flying.
  • The XPS’s airfoil section combined with our pre-twist tip geometry, produces incredible speed with sublime upwind performance. This greatly benefits jump amplitude for freestyle maneuvers and delivers plenty of hang time and float for smooth landings. This wing is also a wave rider’s dream with little to no luffing or sail flutter and excellent stability, allowing the rider to focus less on the wing and more on shredding the wave
  • A newly developed hybrid carbon handle (HCH) design has a rigid carbon interior skeleton and soft padded exterior. This combination offers the best balance of control, comfort and safety.
  • By incorporating removable carbon battens, riders can maintain top-end upwind performance and speed when left in, and enjoy enhanced luffing and lower-end power with the battens removed.
Wing Weights (Without Leash)
  • 3.0m: 4.2Lbs (1.90 Kg)
  • 3.5m: 4.4Lbs (2 Kg)
  • 4.0m: 4.6Lbs (2.08 Kg)
  • 4.6m: 5.0Lbs (2.26 Kg)
  • 5.3m: 5.5Lbs (2.5 Kg)
  • 6.1m: 6Lbs (2.72 Kg)

Package Includes:
  • 1x CF V2 Package
  • CF1600 V2 (SKU: CF1600V2FKA)

    CF2050 V2 (SKU: CF2050V2FKA)

    • CF V2 A+ Front Wing with cover
    • CF300 V2 A+ Rear Wing with cover
    • 72cm A+ Mast with cover
    • 70cm A+ Titanium Fuselage
    • Pro Shim Kit (2x 0.5 PC Shims & 2x 1.0 PC Shims)
    • Titanium Board Mounting T-Nut and Screws
    • Foil Screw Set
    • T30 Torx Tool
    • Foil Kit Carry Bag
  • 1x XPS
    • 3.0m (SKU: XPS30)
    • 3.5m (SKU: XPS35)
    • 4.0m (SKU: XPS40)
    • 4.6m (SKU: XPS46)
    • 5.3m (SKU: XPS53)
    • 6.1m (SKU: XPS61)
  • 1x Wing FG Foilboard
    • 5'0" x 22" x 4.5" Vol:70L (SKU: 4897115083143)
    • 5'2" x 22.75" x 4.5" Vol:80L (SKU: 4897115083150)
    • 5'4" x 23.5" x 4.875" Vol:90L (SKU: 4897115083167)
    • 5'8" x 25.25" x 5" Vol:105L (SKU: 4897115083174)
    • 5'11" x 26.25" x 5.25" Vol:120L (SKU: 4897115083181)
    • 6'2" x 27.5" x 5.75" Vol:135L (SKU: 4897115083198)

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