2023 LIFT3 F Complete Efoil Package

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Fun, easy to ride, and accessible. With our new Lift 3 F, we took a new approach to our industry leading eFoils–working with Fiberglass Boards to offer stability over performance, at a new low price.


Lift's eFoil technology combines a state-of-the-art battery, a custom shaped, ultra-durable aerodynamic board, our next-generation propulsion system, carbon fiber hydrofoil components, and a Bluetooth hand controller for the ultimate watersports experience.

    • The LIFT3 F features our brushless motors, designed and manufactured by the absolute best engineers in the industry, allowing for speed and ride stability.
    • The New LIFT3 F features the Lift FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) propeller - experience increased efficiency, reduced drag, and dampened vibration with our new tapered propeller hub design.
    • Our ergonomic wireless Bluetooth hand controller easily shows battery life, and allows riders to swap intuitively between speed and performance settings.

The LIFT3 F features a proprietary fiberglass blend – tiny strands of fiberglass melted down into an ultra-sturdy material, crafted by Lift’s engineers into the perfect aerodynamic shape for hydrofoiling.

This new form factor offers a stable ride that newer riders and families will greatly appreciate. The new LIFT3 F features our signature 28” precision milled aluminum mast, and our efficient carbon fiber front wings and back wings.


Our Light Battery significantly reduces weight and cost, while still offering a great riding experience.

    Light Battery

  • The “Light Battery” is a custom lithium-ion battery built for rugged marine environments that offers 60 minutes of ride time and weighs 7 pounds less than the “Full Range Battery”, making it easier to transport your eFoil.
    • Dimensions: 3" x 14" x 17"
    • Weight: 19.3 lbs. (12.1 kg)
    • Battery Charge Time: 30 minutes
    • Ride Time: Up to 100 minutes

    Full Range Battery

  • The Full Range Battery offers 100 minutes ride time, and you can easily explore around with no stress. Batteries are interchangeable and compatible with all generations of the Lift eFoil.
    • Dimensions: 3" x 14" x 17"
    • Weight: 26.7 lbs. (12.1 kg)
    • Battery Charge Time: 50 minutes
    • Ride Time: Up to 2.5 hours

  • Batteries are swappable if you want to upgrade to the Full Range Battery, or keep more than one on hand.
  • Both Batteries are compatible with the all generations of Lift eFoils.

200 SURF V2

  • Best for: Foilers looking for a smooth riding experience over speed.
  • A stable wing with lots of potential when riding with a sail in your hands
  • For eFoiling, the 200 Surf V2 is what we call our “bread and butter.” Foiling is not about going fast or slow, its about the balance under your feet and the glide

270 Camber Pro

  • The 270 Camber Pro is the largest wing in the Camber Pro series lineup. It offers a gentle, surfy ride for those that are looking to glide at reduced speeds and enjoy those perfect flowing turns. Its larger surface area offers a very stable platform to stand on. With a reduced camber, this wing never feels overwhelming. If you enjoy conservative, mellow riding, this is the wing for you.

48 SURF V2

  • Our largest and most stable wing
  • Pairs well with 200 Surf, 250 Surf, and 300 Surf front wings

4'9" x 25" x 70L

  • Board, no Battery: 29.5 Lbs. (13.4 kg)
  • w/Wings & Propulsion: 46.75 Lbs. (21.2 kg)
  • w/Light Battery: 67.25 Lbs. (30.5 kg)
  • w/Full Range Battery: 74.25 Lbs. (33.7 kg)

5'4" x 28" x 88L

  • Board, no Battery: 34.5 Lbs. (15.6 kg)
  • w/Wings & Propulsion: 51.75 Lbs. (23.5 kg)
  • w/Light Battery: 72.25 Lbs. (32.8 kg)
  • w/Full Range Battery: 79.25 Lbs. (35.9 kg)
Package Includes
  • Board
  • Board Bag
  • Light Range or Full Range Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Hand Controller
  • FRP Propeller
  • Propulsion Motor
  • Mast and Propulsion Bag
  • Carbon Foil Wings with cover
  • Aluminum Foil Mast
  • Assembly Hardware

*All sales are FINAL on all Lift Efoils. REAL's normal EZ Return policy does not apply to this product*

*$374.99 shipping fee*

*Efoils are delivered in two separate shipments. The first shipment has two boxes which will be the Board in the first box, and the second box being the Mast Propulsion unit. This first shipment is delivered WITHOUT signature required. The second shipment that will arrive is the Efoil’s Battery, and this is shipped WITH SIGNATURE required. Please make sure someone is available to sign for the battery. The battery shipment will usually arrive about a week after the first shipment.*

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