2018 Naish Slash Kite

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Product Information

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Naish has designed the Slash for the dedicated wave rider that wants to get a kite with responsive turning and plenty of drift. For 2018, Naish added an 11m and a 12m to the Slash line for light wind wave riding.

Key Performance Characteristics

•Responsiveness Very responsive - Turns quickly with power.
•Turn Radius Tight turning radius
•Window Position Sits a bit forward of the middle of the wind window.
•Wind Range Moderate wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 10m in 17-21mph wind on a surfboard
•Relaunch Reliable relaunch
•Bar Pressure Medium Bar Pressure
•Power Per Size Rides true to size, this kite flies best in the middle of its wind range

Tech Specs

•Material Quad-Tex Canopy | The strongest material in the industry, proprietary to Naish
•Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection Octopus internal strut connection system.
•Bridle Simple leading edge bridle that uses sliding rings with no moving parts.
•Wingtip Full wingtip shape with a subtle sweep to it.
•Bonus Octopus inflation allows you to fully deflate the struts and pack these kites small.

What we like:

To make the Slash, they started with the shape of the Pivot because they loved how it performed in the waves. They cut a bunch of the curve out of the wing tip and shortened the wing tip which made it a lot fuller. They also added more canopy off the trailing edge of the wing tip. The fuller wingtip offers a more stable kite for drift and more power through the turns due to the larger wing tip.

The Slash is an easy to fly kite that most kiters will enjoy. The medium bar pressure ensures that you don’t “loose” the kite while you are focused on riding the wave. The full wing tips on this kite pack some power through the turns, so it is easy to get yourself down the line and around a closed out section.

The QuadTex material is a proprietary material that Naish designed to have the most durable canopy material on the market. It holds up to the sun and heavy abuse that surf kites take. Naish also added on the Shark Teeth trailing edge construction which is a double layer of QuadTex sewn into the trailing edge in the shape of shark teeth. This construction technique reduced the overall weight of the kite since they were able to remove a bunch of the Dacron.

Tomahawk Test

The Naish Slash takes a beating well. We twisted it up in the surf a few times and there was no physical damage to the kite. It also came out of some situations that we thought would have us swimming in.

Naish's internal Octopus inflation system is a pain in the butt to change a bladder on. Rarely do we have issues with their bladders, but when you do, it will take at least a six pack to get through it. On the plus side, the Octopus is really nice for deflating your kite since each strut has a dump valve.

Insider info:

The Slash is designed as a wave kite but it is an amazing all around kite for someone that wants a more aggressive version of the Pivot. We found that unhooked tricks and general free ride boosting with the Slash was a blast.

Compared to the Pivot, the Slash is a more aggressive kite. It has more direct feel to the bar, it is more power and is faster to initiate the turn.

The Slash has a fast to initiate pivotal turn. It does provide nice power through the turns that bigger riders and kitesurfers that ride with more power enjoy. If you loop the kite in the wind window you want to make sure you have plenty of line tension to get the kite to finish the turn. We found that if your lines slack out on a turn you might need to pull the bar float or edge to retention your lines to get the kite to rapidly complete the turn.

On one of the test days the wind had gusts up to 30mph and the lulls would go down to 10mph. The Slash handled the heavy gusts with out any issue. The QuadTex material allows the kite to keep the shape under the excessive load of these big gusts. During the really low lulls we found that the kite stopped moving forward. It didn’t fall out of the sky, but you needed to pay more attention to the kite in extreme gusts.

Why you want the Slash:

The Slash is born to be in the surf but thrives in most conditions. It is not too fast or too slow. It jumps well. It is fun to ride and built bomber strong. If the Pivot leaves you wishing that you have more speed for wave performance and less power per size, then go for the Slash.


Naish has designed the Slash for the dedicated wave rider that wants to get a kite with responsive turning and plenty of drift. For 2018, Naish added an 11m and a 12m to the Slash line for light wind wave riding.

Naish's Description
Known for its outstanding drift and consistent pull, the next generation of the Slash features subtle modifications for improved all-around performance. Constructed with Quad-Tex, the strongest kite canopy material available on the market featuring 4x-reinforced ripstop, this kite is built to last. A smaller leading edge and tapered wing tip delivers faster turning—a helpful feature for quick reactions in waves. The Shark Teeth Trailing edge enhances durability, lightens and balances the kite overall and further supports faster turns by providing better torque transfer from the leading edge to the trailing edge. The addition of 11 m and 12 m sizes mean you can now ride in lighter winds and start perfecting those strapless airs.

Key Features
•NEW Shark Teeth Trailing Edge = Buffers & disperses flutter + reduces wear + enhances durability
•Quad-Tex = Strongest kite canopy material on the market featuring 4x-reinforced ripstop
•Ultra-reinforced wingtip construction
•Precision turns on a small axis with minimal power increase in the turn
•ABS Bridle = Consistent forward drive + maximum depower + no back-stalling
•Quick water relaunch
•Unmatched drifting ability
•Constant leading edge taper
•High-flow valve

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