2017 Slingshot Turbine LW Kite

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Product Information

REAL Review

The 2017 Turbine is the most reliable light wind kites on the market and it's now offered in the super size of 19m.

Key Performance Characteristics

Responsiveness Slow.
Turn Radius Wide turn radius.
Window Position Mid to deep wind window position.
Wind Range Average wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 17m in 9-15mph wind.
Relaunch he best water relaunch of all big kites. It can be slow, but it always relaunches.
Bar Pressure High Bar Pressure.
Power Per Size This is a very powerful kite with constant pull.

Tech Specs

Material DP175 Dacron | Strong canopy material unique to Slingshot
Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection & secondary 11mm dump valve
Bridle Pulley-less Bridle that will not wrap on the wing tips during relaunch
Wingtip Swept wing tip.
Bonus Split Strut makes the canopy rigid even when overpowered.

What We Like

The Turbine LW is a crowd favorite amongst the REAL coaches because the kite always works in light wind. It stays in the sky even in lully light winds. It water relaunches better than any big kite on the market, and they have a ton of power. The Turbine LW has never failed on water relaunch and we have never had any bridle wrap issues which is so common with other big kites.

The new 19m is an excellent kite. It is just as fast turning as the 17m Turbine LW but has some more grunt for the heavy riders out there.

The struts that they put on this kite are really skinny to reduce weight and drag. With the size of the canopy, they added five struts to this kite to reduce the flutter.

You will not be boosting to the moon on the Turbine LW, but you will be out there riding in almost no winds. The Turbine LW has very constant power delivery which makes it great for a beginner that are not good at flying their kite. We found that teaching on the Turbine LW is awesome because the student always knows where the kite is, and the kite is so predictable.

Tomahawk Test

The Turbine LW is a hard kite to tomahawk. It moves through the window slowly so you will have a hard time slacking the lines and rolling this kite over. When it does actually tomahawk, the Turbine LW comes out of some pretty weird positions and relaunches every time.

When kiting powered on the Turbine, if you slam the kite really hard we have experienced a one pump hose disconnecting which ends the session but ensures your bladder does not blow.

Insider Info

A lot of wake style riders are using the Turbine and putting it on the 20" bar rather than the recommended 23" bar. This makes the kite slower turning and it just sits out there and pulls like a cable park. For unhooked tricks you want a slow turning kite that will sit down wind and provide a lot of down wind pull.

The Turbine LW goes upwind well for a big kite if you know how to properly edge. It pulls really hard, but you can still manage to drag this big boy upwind with the right body position. If you are light weight and size up too much, you will have diminishing returns and just not be able to edge the kite forward enough to get up wind.

Recommended Turbine LW per weight in 10-15mph:
15m < 150 lbs.
17m 140-210 lbs.
19m >190 lbs

Who is the Turbine LW for?

The Turbine LW is an excellent light wind kite that will have you on the water riding when you would have been previously sitting on the beach. The Turbine LW is for kiters who want to go kiteboarding despite the wind conditions.


The 2017 Turbine is the most reliable light wind kites on the market and it's now offered in the super size of 19m.

• High-aspect, high-efficiency platform in a full range of sizes
• High-performance handling for intermediate to advanced riders
• Shape and aspect favor speed and superior efficiency
• Unrivaled upwind tracking
• Massive airs, lofty hangtime

Full power in a full range: The Turbine has proven to be one of the best light-wind kites ever made. For 2017, Slingshot is unleashing this high-aspect, high-efficiency machine in a full range of sizes. All the same qualities that make the Turbine such a great light wind kite translate to an aggressive, high-power, high-performance weapon as you go down in size and up in wind speed.

15, 17, 19 meter: The proven light wind kite of choice for riders of all abilities. The Turbine’s high-aspect, high-efficiency profile gets you out and riding when others watch from the shore hoping for the wind to pick up.

*Kite-down: The Turbine is a high-power kite. For that reason, we recommend kiting down at least one size from what you would normally ride.

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