2017 Slingshot Rally Kite

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Product Information

REAL Review

The Slingshot Rally is a 5 strut kite designed for beginner to intermediate kiters looking for stability, easy relaunch and a massive wind range.

Key Performance Characteristics

Responsiveness Delay in turns, slow to redirect
Turn Radius Narrow turning radius
Window Position Middle of the window.
Wind Range Good wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 12m in 15-22mph wind
Relaunch Great Relaunch
Bar Pressure Light Bar Pressure - Lots of power at the hook
Power Per Size Lots of power per size

Tech Specs

Material DP175 Dacron | Strong canopy material unique to Slingshot
Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection & secondary 11mm dump valve
Bridle Compact Bridle with out pulleys
Wingtip Swept narrow wingtip shape
Bonus Dacron reinforcement and T2 ripstop on the trailing edge

What We Like

The Slingshot Rally has been one of the most popular kites on the market since it’s initial release in 2010. Students, teachers and avid kiters praise the Rally for its huge wind range, effortless relaunch and exceptional stability. We like the Rally for its reliability, when we need a no nonsense, easy to fly kite that will work in any conditions.

This kite works for just about anybody. Light weight riders love how easy it is to relaunch the Rally. Even underpowered, the swept design rolls on a wingtip very easily so you can spend more time kiting and less time bobbing down wind. Heavy riders also excel on the Rally because of the durable rigid frame. The 5 strut design keeps its shape under load so heavy kiters won’t warp the kite when jumping or kiting in powered conditions.

Tomahawk Test

The Slingshot Rally handles most hard crash scenarios very well, with an easy relaunch. In certain very scenarios (major slams) we have experience a strut hose popping off which ends your session, but ensures your bladder does not blow so you can kite again once you reset on the beach.

Insider Info

The Rally pulls hard and does not stop pulling. If you are under 150 LBS you need to size down on this kite. The 12m and 14m have a lot of grunt and will be hard to make go upwind for a really light rider. On the flip side, big riders 185 LBS plus love it. This kite does not deform or do anything weird. It just pulls and pulls hard.

The changes in strut diameter and addition of Teijin T2 Ripstop on the trailing edge are simple but effective improvements to the 2017 Rally. These features minimize flutter and make it feel more stable in the sky. The reduction in flutter also means your kite will stay flying like new for longer.

Who is the Rally for?

The Slingshot Rally is best for beginner and intermediate kiters looking for a no nonsense kite. The Rally is ultra stable, covers a huge wind range, screams upwind and is very easy to relaunch. If you want an easy to use kite that works in any conditions, you want the Slingshot Rally.


The Slingshot Rally is a 5 strut kite designed for beginner to intermediate kiters looking for stability, easy relaunch and a massive wind range.

• One kite for all conditions: the ultimate all-around freeride shape
• Kite more, worry less w/ huge range & excellent depower
• Easiest relaunch in the industry
• Best kite for learning: instant depower, effortless relaunch & Slingshot's legendary surf tough construction
• Fine tune your kite w/ multiple attachment points and light bar pressure

Slingshot has reworked and refined the Rally over the years to polish the kite into what it is today. In 2016 we made some slight adjustments to the geometry and bridles to increase handling and steering speed. Those changes were very well received, so we’ve carried them over for 2017 and have added a couple other subtle modifications. For sizes 8, 9 and 10 we’ve made very subtle changes in geometry and strut diameter to clean up the canopy ever so slightly. Trailing edge tension is now controlled with the addition of Teijin T2 Polyester rip stop canopy material. This decreases trailing edge flutter and increases durability. We reinforced the one-pump inflation valve’s connection to the bladder to help prevent blowouts caused by improper hose attachment/detachment. Finally, we added two Kevlar patches to prevent bridle rub on the trailing edges.

Rally Bridle Configuration:
• The Rally features a compact-direct connect pulley-less bridle with three connection points (per side) on the leading edge and a single connection on the wingtips. This configuration is engineered to give the Rally its renowned range and depower, turning speed, easy of relaunch and unrivaled upwind performance. For customized performance, the Rally’s wingtip bridle can be connected at three different points, which allows for tuning of bar pressure, kite feedback and steering speed.

Open Delta C:
• Blends the proven C-kite performance characteristics like power, stability, edging, control and direct feel with the additional advancements of an innovative Delta shape to deliver faster turns, improved aerodynamics and increased rigidity with more stability.

When you’re looking for a user-friendly all-around performance freeride kite that will deliver well in all
conditions, look no farther than the Rally.

The Rally’s Delta-C shape delivers you unmatched flying confidence. Its compact pulley-less bridle delivers precision turning with effortless bar pressure and it can be fine-tuned to match your personal style. You can fly the Rally confidently in any condition with Slingshot’s bomber Surf tough construction. The Rally performs exceptionally well in flatwater and waves, making it a great choice for riders who want a solid crossover kite for surfing as well as freeriding. When you add it all up, this is the most versatile kite on the market.

You’ll love the Rally if you want a kite that will deliver well in all disciplines of the sport. Casual or entry-level kiters will love the Rally’s big range, excellent depower and easy of relaunch, while more experienced kiters
will appreciate its lofty airs, upwind ability and excellent downwind drift.

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