2017 Ride Engine Hex Core Harness-Space Grape

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Product Information

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Key Performance Features:
• Hard or Soft: Ride Engine invented the hard shell harness, and it distributes load evenly that minimizes pressure on your back.
• Back Coverage: Small back with a low profile fit that gives you maximum range of motion.
• Padding: Minimal padding needed with this hard shell. There is sufficient padding around the edges to minimize chaffe, and they have added neoprene to the waist belt for a more plush feel.
• Spreader Bar: Interchangeable Hook or Sliding Bar allows you to change the harness for wave riding and free riding. (Spreader bars sold separately.)
• What We Love: Molded lumbar support and full wrap hard shell lock harness in place, evenly distributes the load, and minimizes ride up.
• Just Being Picky: The single strap closure system can slide a little during your session. If it gets really loose or you don't tighten it properly you could have the spreader bar coming off while you are riding.

Hex Series Tech Specs:
• Add on options include6", 8", 10" or 12" Metal Slider Bar, Carbon Slider Bar, or Metal Hook Spreader Bar.
• First hard shell harness to market
• Injection Molded Honeycomb Core
• Handle Pass Leash Attachment
• D-ring Short Leash Attachment
• Plush Neoprene Back Padding
• New Neoprene Waist Belt
• Molded Lumbar Support
• Speed-Loop Spreader Bar Attachment

Sizing Guide

What We Like:
With the deep molded lumbar support, the Ride Engine harness locks in place and stays there. The biggest issue with waist harnesses are that they ride up on your chest because the kite pulls up. Even if you have the Ride Engine too loose, it still will stay down because the molded lumber locks in place.

The hard shell wraps all the way around to your sides. This takes the pull from the kite and distributes the load over the entire harness rather than point loading like most harnesses do. Even with a smaller foot print than most harnesses, you will feel less pressure on your back. If you use the rope Sliding Spreader bar it reduces the load even more.

The Sliding Spreader Bar is great for wave riding or the kiter that wants to have the least amount of pressure on their back. This lets your chicken loop slide side to side and really allows your hips to open up when you are riding toeside. The Hook Spreader Bar makes for a really locked in feeling and give you a direct connection to your kite. Most people are buying both and using them for different types of kiting experiences.

Insider Info:
The Sliding Spreader Bar takes a little more focus to use. To attach to this you need to release your chicken loop, put the loop around the rope, and reattach the loop. This makes self launching more challenging and you need to make sure that you ensure your safety is connected properly every time. Also the rope will wear out over time, so you will need to replace it.

The plastic tubing on the Speed Loop closure system can be moved to best fit you. When they are shipped, the tubing is put to fit the smallest person. If you are in the middle or top of a size range slide that tubing so it is in the middle of the spreader bar. We had a lot of people tell us that their harness didn't fit, when it was just the tubing over the Speed Loop.

We love the addition of the neoprene to the inside of the waist belt. It is a lot more comfortable and significantly reduces chaffe if you are kiting bareback.

The lumbar support is aggressive on this harness and takes a few sessions to get used to it. That is the magic of this hard shell harness and keeps the harness locked in, but it will take a little getting used to.

Why you want a Ride Engine Harness:
The Ride Engine is an amazing harness that is really comfortable. Being able to change your harness feel by changing the spreader bar is awesome. Once you go Ride Engine, you will never go back.


The world’s first hard-shell harness.

Spreader Bar not included- please choose spreader bar from options below.

• Locks in place, doesn’t ride up or shift from side to side
• Spreads load evenly across back and torso
• Allows full range of motion for uninhibited wave riding
• Low-profile fit, doesn’t get in the way + Features hook and slider bars for different styles of riding

If you’ve ever dealt with a harness that doesn’t fit properly, hurts your back, rides up too high, shifts from side to side, squeezes your waist under load or inhibits your range of motion, Ride Engine’s hard-shell harness is your problem solver.

The magic lies in Ride Engine’s innovative hard-shell design that locks firmly into your lumbar and spreads load evenly across your back and sides. Based on hundreds of custom molds taken from riders’ backs during Ride Engine’s early days, the shell provides an unrivaled ergonomics and allows for a low-profile, high-performance fit that will literally change your entire kiteboarding experience. The Hex Core model is made from an exclusive injection honeycomb core technology. This creates the super strong but light-weight shell that the rest of the harness is built around.

For freestyle and unhooked riding, pair the Hex Core harness with our standard fixed-hook spreader bar. For surfing and general hooked-in freeriding, pair it with our metal or carbon slider bar.

For 2017, we’ve improved our injection molding process for increased strength and visual appeal and have added an additional layer of padding to the integrated waist belt for a more comfortable connection with the spreader bar pad. We’ve also added two new sizes- XS and XXL- to fit a broader range of body types.

HARD-SHELL CONSTRUCTION: The industry’s first hard shell harness; shell is light, strong and ergonomically contoured. Load is distributed seamlessly from the spreader bar to the armor shell, preventing harness from buckling or pinching.

PRECISION FIT: Modeled from hundreds of custom body molds, the harness shell conforms to the contours of a rider’s back for a precision ergonomic fit.

LUMBAR LOCK: Harness conforms to lumbar, back and sides to lock securely in place. Harness won’t slide from side to side or ride up.

LOW PROFILE: Hard-shell core allows for low-profile design, reducing weight and bulk and giving riders more mobility with less restrictions.

FUSION FOAM: Soft foam core conforms to the shape of your torso for ultimate comfort and hold.

INTEGRATED WAIST BELT: Comfort and security join forces with the Alliance Belt, which conjoins the harness’s elastic waist belt and cushioned spreader bar pad, resulting in a unified belt that stays tight and keeps the spreader bar down low where it’s supposed to be.

SPEED-LOOP CLOSURE: Spreader bar attached with a lightweight loop for a simple, quick and effortless entry and exit.

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