2017 Naish Pivot Kite

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Product Information

REAL Review

The Naish Pivot is a fast and easy handling kite designed for freeride sessions and slaying the surf.

Key Performance Characteristics

Responsiveness Very responsive - Turns very easily and quickly after rider input
Turn Radius Narrow radius
Window Position Sits forward in the window
Wind Range Good wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 12m in 16-22mph wind
Relaunch Great Relaunch
Bar Pressure Light Bar Pressure - Adjustable via wingtip settings
Power Per Size Rides true to size, this kite flies best in the middle of its wind range

Tech Specs

Material Quad-Tex Canopy | The strongest material in the industry, proprietary to Naish
Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection Octopus internal strut connection system
Bridle Uses sliding rings with no moving parts
Wingtip Swept narrow wingtip shape
Bonus Dacron reinforced trailing edge

What We Like

The Naish Pivot absolutely rips in the surf! The kite’s ability to turn on a narrow axis makes it easy to maintain board speed through turns and really lay into hacks when you change directions. The Pivot offers a lot power at your fingertips by sheeting in and out so you can dump power when you’re on waves while the kites drifts with you or sheet in to gain power and make the section.

The quick pivoting turn and ability to dump and gain power easily translates to epic jumps. When you send a Pivot for an air, it is easy to maintain edge control before you sheet in and go to the moon! Once you’re up there, prepare to hang out awhile as the Pivots forward position in the window and large center canopy give you ample hang time.

The Pivot has an uncanny ability to stay in the sky when underpowered which makes it excellent kite for foiling.

Tomahawk Test

The Naish Pivot rolls over itself easily when you slam the kite and slack the lines. The short bridle rarely gets hung up so most of the times we see the kite finish the crash in the proper position. Since the kite rolled through the lines, your center and back lines will be crossed. The kite will still fly and rarely did we see it fully invert.

We have popped a bladder on the Tomahawk Test and changing the bladders on the Naish internal Octopus system is a pain in the butt.

Insider Info

For 2017 Naish rolled out a new canopy material called “Quad-Tex”. This is a quad core rip stop material that is stronger than anything else on the market and proprietary to Naish. This material will increase the durability and the life of your kite by minimizing stretch over time.

The Pivot’s swept shape and bridle design make it turn in a very tight radius off of the wingtip. This makes looping the kite much easier and more forgiving than wider turning kites. If you like to loop in the surf or incorporate loops into flat water sessions, the Pivot is an absolute blast to fly.

We found that the Pivot flies best with an inch to two inches of depower pulled on the 2017 Naish Torque Bar.

Who is the Pivot for?

The Naish Pivot is for kiters who love carving turns, boosting and riding in the waves. If you are looking for an intuitive and easy to fly kite that will help you progress in the surf, on freeride sessions and hooked in freestyle, the Pivot is for you.


The Naish Pivot is a fast and easy handling kite designed for freeride sessions and slaying the surf.

Predictable power development, direct bar feel, intuitive steering and plenty of “sheet-in-and-go” are just a few characteristics that make the Pivot one of the most sought-after kites on the market. Adapting to a wide variety of wind and wave conditions, this kite features a medium aspect ratio for substantial low-end power, easy jumping and great upwind performance. Dynamic and responsive, it pivots quickly and easily on a small axis of rotation—with minimal power increase through turns—for super-smooth carving through waves and enhanced control going into and out of kiteloops.
Now constructed with Quad-Tex—the most advanced kite canopy material in existence—the Pivot is livelier and more responsive than ever. The stronger, stiffer fabric transfers energy more directly putting riders in complete control.
Easy-handling, well-rounded and incredibly versatile, it’s clear to see how the Pivot has become the all-around choice for everyone, everywhere.

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