Xanadu Swift 5'10"

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Small wave performance surfboard.

5'10" x 19.75" x 2.2"
Squash Tail
Tri Fin (Future)
TL Pro Carbon

*Stock tri fin set included.

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Out Of Stock

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Xanadu Description:
The SWIFT is Xanadu's newest small wave design from Xanadu. With the Swift we have applied some modern design theories into a small wave board that we know will work.

The SWIFT is extremely versatile and performs well in almost any small waves. This board has a relatively curvy entry rocker for a small wave board, but it has a pretty flat tail rocker which ensures massive amounts of speed and drive. This proven small wave rocker ensures speed, maneuverability, and forgiveness that allows for hyper aggressive surfing in the pocket and above it.

The Swift features an overall rounder outline with a round squash tail for added smoothness thru the turns. The Swift is a well rounded machine. It is very easy to surf, yet can still be surfed very aggressively allowing for airs and big tail wafts.

The foil, the rocker, and the over all board contour allow for high performance surfing in small waves with this model. Its like cheating on your short board. At the very least, the Swift is a small wave high performance game changer, that is for sure!

Ride it as a tri-fin, quad-fin, or install a five-fin setup for maximum versatility. The Swift comes standard as a round squash, but can also be ordered as a round tail, or sqallow tail, which is a squash tail mixed with a swallow tail.... This board should be surfed in waves 1 inch to head high!

TL Pro Carbon technology - new molded epoxy style board.

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