The Best Beginner Kiteboarding Gear Package

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There's no better way to start kiteboarding than with the Best beginner kiteboarding package.

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We have hand picked gear from the best lineup to put together this beginner kiteboarding package from Best Kiteboarding.

The Kite:
The Best Kahoona is an excellent beginner kite because it has instant relaunch and plenty of power. When you're starting out, it's much easier to ride a kite that generates lots of power by itself because this allows you to focus on your board skills and improve your riding quickly.

As you progress to become an intermediate, the Kahoona will also allow you to jump high and start working on tricks without having to trade up for a different kite so there's plenty of room for you to grow! Check out the full review of the Kahoona here.

The Board:
The Best Spark Plug is easy and forgiving, which makes it perfectly suited to beginner and intermediate kiteboarders. The soft flex means that you don't have to worry about negotiating choppy water and can focus on everything else. Check out the full review for the Spark Plug here.

If you're a bigger rider or live in a place with light average winds, we recommend upgrading to the bigger Best Breeze. Find out more about the Best Breeze here.

The Harness:
Ask any experienced kiteboarder and they will always tell you to invest in the best harness you can buy. That's why we have bundled the Mystic Code 1 into this package. Find out more about the Mystic Code 1 here.

The Best Beginner Kiteboarding Gear Package Includes:
• 2014 Best Kahoona Plus Kite
• 2014 Best RP Control Bar
• Kite Leash
• Pump
• 2014 Best Spark Plug w/ Pads, Straps, Fins and Handle (Upgrade to 2014 Best Breeze for +$150)
• 2014 Mystic Code 1 Harness (Color May Vary)
• Dakine Twin Tip Bag

*Please email any color requests to and include your Order #.

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