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…Lost V2 Rocket

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…Lost just took one of the boards that put them on the map and made it even better…for sub par waves. Why get excited about a board that just got better in sub par waves? Well in reality, that’s what we’re confronted with most of the time. The other part of reality is that most of us aren’t pros and could use some extra speed and drive in soft conditions. Pair this with the fact that the new design has more top end too, and you have another keeper in the …Lost lineup.

Stock Dimensions

5'4" - 18.75" - 2.13" - (23.4 l)
5'5" - 19.00" - 2.18" - (24.7 l)
5'6" - 19.25" - 2.18" - (25.5 l)
5'7" - 19.38" - 2.25" - (26.90 l)
5'8" - 19.50" - 2.32" - (28.30 l)
5'9" - 19.63" - 2.38" - (29.60 l)
5'10" - 19.75" - 2.44" - (31.00 l)
5'11" - 20.00" - 2.50" - (32.70 l)
6'0" - 20.25" - 2.50" - (33.60 l)
6'1" - 20.50" - 2.63" - (36.20 l)
6'2" - 21.00" - 2.63" - (37.40 l)

From the Shaper

The Rocket was one of the most popular boards around the world in the last 5 years…one of the most well known and knocked off surfboard models in recent memory. It obviously has merit and worked well for thousands of surfers, but there is always room for improvement. I used the feedback from the average joe to update and refine what was not broken.

Matt Biolos from …Lost

REAL Review

What We Like

This board is easy to surf well in a wide range of conditions. You can size it at your height and have the easiest shortboard you’ve ever ridden. For performance surfing you can go up to 6” shorter and still have enough rail and drive to really motor. The increased nose rocker is really nice on late drop and bowly waves.

The ability to have only one hybrid in your quiver AND cover overhead thru most grovel conditions is pretty clutch. The original Rocket only did that under the feet of Gorkin and company. The smooth outline and rocker just scream I want to surf everything! (after surfing it in everything, it’s not an exaggeration)

Insider Info

Kind of hard to find something you don’t like on this board. It lost a bit of snap off the top with the flatter tail rocker, but not nearly as much as you would think thanks to the bump wing outline. It would be nice if they standardized the fin configuration to either 3 or 5, but not both, as that often confuses surfers.

The V2 performs incredibly as a tri throughout its range, so the need for 5 fins and the ability to run it quad isn’t as necessary as some shapes.

Why You Want This Board

Hybrids are a ton of fun to surf at any level from Joe to Pro. The V2 is one of the best hybrids out there with a really wide range of use.

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