Stretch Super Buzz 5'7"

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Based on the minimalist Mr Buzz design, the Super Buzz is fine tuned for smaller or softer waves

5'7" x 20.25" x 2.4"
Tri/Quad 5 Fin (Future)
Wide Squash Tail
EPS Tech
Vol: 29.7L

*Stock tri/quad fin set included.

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Out Of Stock

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The Buzz series has been designed to minimize surfboard size through extremely efficient design and high lift. The Mr Buzz and Super Buzz have nothing in common with any surfboard out there. The Buzz is NOT a Mini Simmons, Alaia or Retro Fish. If you have the chance to put a Buzz next to any of these boards – or surf them side-by-side – you will realize that you are surfing something truly unique that will alter the way you think of surfboards for a long, long time.

Super Buzz Tech Specs:
• Extremely efficient board design thru rocker, foam flow and concaves
• Single to DEEP double concave bottom shape
• Slightly narrower tail block than Mr Buzz to allow flat turns and tri-fin option
• Slightly more nose rocker than Mr Buzz with flatter tail rocker for drive/speed

What we like:
REAL teamrider Josh Mulcoy said it better than anyone : “Mr Buzz just makes me smile. It’s so easy to have fun on this board. You can mess up three times on one wave and still be ripping”. These boards are really easy to surf well. They’re also really easy to surf small.

Stretch made Nuzzi and Trip a Super Buzz each with these dims : Nuzzi @ 5’11 x 173lbs : 5’5 x 19.75” x 2.5. Trip @ 6’2 x 210lbs : 5’7 x 20.5 x 2.75. By far the smallest boards in their quivers (length and volume) they can effectively surf them in thigh up to soft head high surf. These boards are really, really fast and beckon you to go as fast as you can and lay over the hardest turns you’ve ever pulled. Forget about making the entire wave - although you easily can. With these boards it’s all about speed and laying down trenches.

Even though these boards are very small, they paddle and catch waves easily. This is because the focus is on DESIGN rather than just the amount of foam in the board. The bullet nose with flatter nose rocker gets you in early. The big squaretail gives you plenty of drive and acceleration. Due to their short length, they are incredibly maneuverable and fit in two moves to every one on a normal HPSB. So much fun!!!

What we don’t like:
The confusion about what this board actually is?! Comparing this board to a Mini Simmons is like comparing Jessica Alba to Betty White. Surfers can be slow to understand new concepts and that’s basic new concepts. This new concept is far beyond the basic level and may take years to understand or other surfboard brands to R&D (rip off and duplicate).

The Super Buzz (at the sizes Nuzzi and Trip got per their height/weight) don’t compete with dedicated Grovelers like the ..Lost Bottom Feeder or Roberts Mush Machine when the surf is under thigh high. When the waves get that small, you need more volume to keep the board on top of the water. At least non-pros do. You can upsize the Super Buzz if you want a dedicated groveler and expect to get improved super small wave performance.

Why you want the Super Buzz:
That’s a pretty easy question to answer. Who wouldn’t want a Super Buzz!? But seriously, this board makes every day, average surf , very exciting and new again. New lines, higher speeds and super hard turns get you excited about surf that would have looked ho-hum before.

Stretch Description:
Compared to Mr. Buzz, the outline features a slightly narrower tail block and can be ordered in either a quad or 5-fin set up. Slightly more nose rocker and less tail rocker give this board more ease of use and versatility in a wider range of conditions from the knee high to head high range.

Extremely full nose and tail with straighter rail lines allow you to go short like Mr. Buzz. The tail block however is about 3/8”-1/2” narrower to reduce surface area to accommodate a 5-fin configuration. It will work better as a tri fin than Mr. Buzz. You can even try it as a nubster set up!

Obviously less than Mr. Buzz and allows for extremely easy paddling yet will still go vertical and pull G-force turns at speed without drifting or washing out the tail. Compared to Mr. Buzz, it has about 3/8” extra nose rocker and ¼” less tail rocker. Almost our A rocker with a flip of B rocker out the tail.

These aren’t “pluggy” rails but the foil and deck contours feature all the right foam in all the right places and carries a flatter deck to push some foam outwards from the center. Compared to any other “groveler” you’d think these are a bit sleeker for sure.

Bottom contours:
Yep. Same as Mr. Buzz. Single concave straightens the centerline rocker and transitions to ¼” deep double concaves through the fins for lift, easy rail-to-rail transitions and neutralized weight positioning over the center of the board.

Fin configuration:
Works insane as a quad but with the narrower tail block it will even work as a tri. Comes default as a 5-fin convertible option for all you restless souls who can’t decide!
Wide tails need big fins. Tail width is well over 16 ¼”-16 ½” on dims for an average size surfer. Run it with full size 4.25”-4.5” rear fins depending on conditions and your personal style and preference. Check out a nubster for an enhanced feel as a quad.

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