Stretch Bamboo/Carbon 10-4 SUP

Stretch clearly leads the SUP market with the best performing, most durable SUP in the performance waveriding category. The Stretch Carbon/Bamboo SUP comes standard with a 4+1 fin box set up and can be custom tuned to your local conditions and fin preferences.

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Length: 10'4
Mid: 32"
Thick: 4.75"

4+1 Futures Fin Configuration
*Board doesn't include fins
Hand Shaped EPS Bamboo/Carbon Construction

It didn’t take long for Surfing Magazine’s Shaper of the Year, Bill “Stretch” Riedel to pass everyone with regards to designing and shaping the best standup paddleboards on the market.

Stretch’s designs represent the leading edge of waveriding SUP performance. These boards are actually easy to balance on, even in choppy conditions, thanks to the distribution of the foam in the nose and mid-section of the board. Once paddled into a wave, the Stretch SUP turns into a waveriding machine with explosive acceleration out of turns and lightning fast snaps off the top. They are truly in a league by themselves.

These boards work INCREDIBLY well in waves of all sizes and have won many SUP surf contest in surf ranging from dribbly breaking windswell to heaving overhead Puerto Escondido barrels. For flatwater use, switch the fin set up to a deeper single fin for better directional paddling. In flatwater, these won’t be as fast as a longer, more slender design, but they will be stable and work reasonably well for this use.

The Stretch Carbon/Bamboo construction works incredibly for SUPS because it addresses two problem areas with all SUPS : deck dents and rail chips/dings. The bamboo deck reinforces the deck and adds compression strength (and looks INSANE!) The carbon rails completely eliminate any paddle chips often found on all SUPS, plus add additional strength at the rail and help the board spring out of turns more quickly with additional speed. Bottom colors vary from clear (white) to easy to find fluorescent solids and fades.

The 4+1 fin set up allows riders to customize their fin set up based on conditions and preference. You can ride the Stretch SUP as a single fin, 2+1, equal thruster or quad.

Customer Reviews

  1. Rocks the house!

    by Jim Pizzale on August 28, 2012

    My Stretch SUP is INSANE! Thing fricking' rocks the house. So easy to maneuver and paddle too. Loving it! Great advice to get this board. Quads track totally fine. We have a quasi point break on south shoals about a 1/2 mile south of the inlet. Going to anchor up on the boat on the outside and ride that wave. Been looking at it for a a few years while fishing. So stoked! - Jim
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