Slingshot Space Pickle 8-6 SUP

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Versatile, fun and lightweight - the Space Pickle is an awesome all around paddleboard. Ideal for riders up to 200 lbs.

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The Space Pickle is an all new ultra-wide thumb tail design that's sure to take your wave riding to the next level.

Slingshot Space Pickle Tech Specs:
• Length - 8'6"
• Width - 30"
• Weight - 22 lbs
• Volume - 136 liters
• Quad Fin - DFS fin box (fins included)
• Recommended Rider Weight limit: 200 lbs or less

What we like:
Usually, we wouldn't dream of paddling around a board that is so short but it's actually very stable to paddle. The stability of this board is a combination of the board volume, width, round nose and wide thumb tail. We have had plenty of beginner paddlers try the Space Pickle and have no problem balancing and feeling confident.

One of the biggest pros of the Space Pickle is how easy it is to carry and move around. Even for smaller and lighter paddlers, it's easy to pick up, carry and put on the roof of your car. The other bonus of it's size is that if it's windy - the Space Pickle doesn't blow around when carrying it like most other standups do!

What we don't like:
Because this board is so short and wide, the tracking isn't great. That means that you can only take 2-4 paddles on each side before swapping. It's really not a big issue but we try to be as honest as possible in our reviews. If you are looking for a board that will excel in racing or touring - you should consider something like the Slingshot Crossbreed

Why you want the Slingshot Space Pickle:
Because you want an amazingly versatile paddleboard that is easy to carry, easy to ride and built for performance in the waves as well as family fun! The beautiful wood veneer caps off a very well designed board. Nice work Slingshot!

Space Pickle Review by Pete Hardie

Pros: Easy to carry, lightweight and an amazing choice for smaller riders who struggle carrying big & heavy boards.

Cons: The tracking isn't great (you need to switch paddling sides every 3 - 4 strokes). In big, solid surf you may find the Space Pickle feels a little out of control because it's so wide.

Overall I'm really impressed with the Space Pickle. I think it's a superb choice for a wide range of people. My tip for the ideal owner would be families because it's so versatile and easy to carry around.

Customer Reviews

  1. Awesome

    by Garrett on May 14, 2013

    I am one of the lucky ones that won the 8'6" Space Pickle from a Facebook contest. That being said, I am a surfer that was lucky enough to get such a versatile board. Like the review said, it isn't the best at tracking. But, that isn't why you would get this board. You can flat water paddle, surf and even wake surf this thing. I fell in love with it my first paddle out! And shoot, it even fits in my Civic. Needless to say, I am pleasantly surprised and don't plan on selling it to replace it with something different! Thanks, Slingshot.
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