Roberts Mutant 6'2"

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The Mutant is a high performance groveler with more top end potential than anything else out there.

6'2" x 21" x 2.625"
Wing Swallow Tail
Tri/Quad 5 Fin (Future)
Vol: 39L

*Stock tri/quad fin set included.

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Roberts took the small wave super power of his popular Mush Machine and gave it more range and performance by adding a touch more nose rocker plus a winger swallow tail out the back. This is an incredible every day board for those living in small wave regions that still want to rip rather than glide and trim. It also can handle waves well outside its targeted design thanks to the new improvements to the shape.

Mutant Tech Specs:
• Single to deep double concave bottom shape
• A touch more entry rocker to keep the board loose in the pocket
• Winger swallow tail for pivotal turns and wider range

What we like:
There are a ton of fatter, thicker, chunkier grovelers out there that perform really well in marginal surf but top out quickly once the waves get any size or punch. This board caught our eye immediately because it has incredible curves, volume and straight up sex appeal for a board that is designed for small waves. Robert doesn’t go super wide or super thick, just a generous bump out on both with an emphasis on keeping the board fast and maneuverable so you can do every turn you do on your normal high performance shortboard. The single to double concave shape gives this board plenty of speed with a really nice release off the top. If you live in an area with consistent surf in the knee to chest high range you can surf this board every day and never need anything else.

What we don’t like:
This board is straight up designed for reality conditions and reality surfing abilities. If there was something we didn’t like it would be most peoples draw to boards that are too performance oriented for their local waves and ability. The HPSB is an incredible board in tropical locations with perfect waves and fit surfers. Where the Mutant steps in is to make a board that performs at that level, but in real world waves, and a board that you can ride 90% of the time. It’s sounds like someone should have made this board sooner but it’s a relatively new concept. High performance surfers with above average ability will also prefer this board over the chunkier grovelers due to its more foiled design and performance potential.

Why you want the Mutant:
You want to stop switching from your longboard to your groveler to your hybrid or HPSB and replace them all with one board that rips even harder.

Roberts Description:
Makes a small session fun while allowing the rider to still perform. Helps replace a longboard or a bulky fish style board that can hinder performance surfing.

It's Alive!!! The Mutant is a small wave groveler that gives you tons of down-the-line speed with great control for high-speed turns. It is a very similar but more high performance version of the Mush Machine. This board is sized 6-to 9 inches shorter, 1.5 inches wider and 1/8 inches thinner than your high performance short board.

Flat overall rocker with a touch of entry rocker and flip in the nose.

Medium full.

Five boxes. Ride it tri, quad or twin.

Extreme double concave.

Ankle to shoulder high. Weak to slightly punchy.

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