Roberts Hope Diamond 7'2"

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The Roberts Hope Diamond is the new class leader in higher volume, hybrid designed surfboards.

7'2" x 22.5" x 3.06"
Diamond Tail
Tri/Quad 5 Fin (Future)
Vol: 56.6L

*Stock tri/quad fin set included.

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Hope Diamond Tech Specs:
• Shallow Single to Double Concave Bottom
• Signature Roberts flipped nose design with rolled entry
• Rounded Diamond Tail with 5-fin set up. Works both as a tri/quad.
*Available in PU/Poly or Hydroflex Natural constructions
*All Roberts boards now come with volume specs

What we like:
Robert Weiner is a BIG GUY. Standing tall at 6’4 and weighing in anywhere from 210 – 240lbs, depending on lunch specials, he knows what it means to be a big guy in a small guy oriented sport. That’s why he’s always been one of our go to shapers for big guy customs or to stock the racks in our “Big and Tall” surfboard department. With the explosion of the hybrid surfboard category, what we noticed was that there was no clear performer for bigger surfers or surfers looking for more volume, that took advantage of all the latest design trends. Enter the new Roberts Hope Diamond.

The Robert Hope Diamond starts off as a White Diamond 2 and is then scaled to larger sizes. The problem with just scaling is that something normally doesn’t work out right in the end. With this specific design, it’s the single concave in the center of the board. When you scale the WD2 design to 7’ long, the single concave becomes so deep that the board is difficult to maneuver rail to rail. The design tweaks in the Hope Diamond that make the board so good are the shallower single concave in the center of the board and then a deeper double concave to vee in the tail. The deeper double concave to vee lengthens the sweet spot on the board allowing you to turn it from a wider variety of foot positions. It also gives a quicker release out of turns, which makes the board surf “shorter” than it actually is. If you’re looking to get off of your longboard or funboard, or just tune up an older big guy thruster that is bogging, this is definitely the hottest board in this design category.

What don’t like:
This board is so on the money, we’re drawing blanks here. Robert did a great job on this board of making it both high performance for the big guys, plus accessible with good paddling for anyone stepping down from a funboard or longboard. You don’t have to go straight anymore!

Why you want a Hope Diamond:
Your current shortboard floats you with the water at your neck….You want a high performance hybrid but you don’t eat salads…you want to throw your longboard in the dumpster and drown the kids in skinny jeans with huge hacks.

Roberts Description:
Helps replace a long board or fun board. Gets you out in the lineup on something stable and fun. Gives the rider tons of paddle and float for a good time. We have been getting a lot of custom requests for White Diamonds shaped in bigger sizes. The Hope Diamond gives you the paddling and wave-cruising abilities of a funboard with the outstanding performance levels of a White Diamond. The Hope Diamond is available in lengths from 6'6" to 7'6" and is sized 4-to-6 inches shorter than your funboard.

Low rocker.

Medium to full.

Five fin option.

Double concave in the tail with some V out he end.

Knee to head high beach break of point break.

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