Roberts El Tormenter 6'2"

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The El Tormentor is Torrey Meister’s new Pro Model from Roberts Surfboards. This average wave gunslinger is mid-way between a Roberts White Diamond and Black Punt.

6'2" x 19.75" x 2.5"
Squash Tail
Tri Fin (FCS II)
Vol: 33.79L

*Stock tri fin set included.

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Torrey Meister is on a role, recently winning the $50k O’Neill Cold Water Classic. His new Roberts Pro Model, the “El Tormentor”, was designed with direct feedback from Torrey to produce a board that blends the performance of his favorite two Robert’s boards – the White Diamond and the Black Punt – into one daily driver that performs in every day conditions.

Roberts El Tormentor Tech Specs:
• Shorter/wider high performance shortboard design
• Single to double concave bottom shape
• Flattish rocker with flip in nose and tail
• Medium full rails for stability and float

What we like:
There seems to be an industry wide re-focus on user friendly accessible shortboards (non-hybrids) that rip. These new boards are being sought after by both sides of the lineup – people coming off hybrids and also high performance shortboarders looking for designs with more range and performance in every day conditions. The timing for releasing the Roberts El Tormentor is perfect.

To get the straight skinny on this board, we put a Roberts El Tormentor in the hands of Toby Diggens and Pete Hardie of REAL and had them run it through their daily antics of three sessions a day for two weeks straight, surfing it in everything from thigh high mush to head high and punchy. These guys are diehard shortboarders with a Roberts White Diamond being as “grovelly or hybrid” as they go. Their quivers consist of boards like the Roberts White Diamond, MM16 and Black Punt, Stretch Thing and F4, and …Lost Sub Driver, Sub Scorcher 2 and Mini Driver. With all their slender nosed time in the water, these two had a blast sessioning the Tormentor and comparing it to the rest of their sleds.

The best bit of news Toby and Pete came back with is that the El Tormentor is a great single board shortboard quiver that covers almost all of what they surf here in Cape Hatteras on a daily basis. It grovels when you need it to, generating a ton of speed from the wider outline, flatter rocker and wider tailblock. It likes going fast and comes out of the gates blazing. Both guys commented that this board likes to be surfed with rider input. The harder you push it, the faster you go or turn. The tail kick was also a winner with regards to turning hard and fast when you needed it to.

“The El Tormentor feels like a cross between my Roberts White Diamond and my …Lost Sub Driver. It really came into it’s own in stomach high surf and above.” – Pete Hardie

“This board has more tail kick than my Mini Driver or Sub Scorcher 2 and because of this can turn more vertical or harder when I need it to. You can really feel the flip in the tail which is nice for gouging turns when the waves get a bit of punch.” – Toby Diggens

Insider Info:
With the industry focus pointing you in this direction, it’s important to know whether this board is for you or not. Both these guys commented on the board loving input and wanting to be surfed hard. The flip side of this is that you can’t expect to stand on it and have it do the work for you like some hybrids or domesticated designs. If you like working the wall and generating the speed, you will love it. If you like pointing and shooting, refocus your search more towards a White Diamond 2 or similar.

“This is a board that likes to be surfed. If you like to point down the line and hit cruise control you might find it doesn’t cut the mustard for you. However if you like surfing rail to rail, pumping fast and trying to go top to bottom the Tormentor is awesome. A good choice for the mythical one board quiver.” – Pete Hardie

Why you want a Roberts El Tormentor:
You ride primarily high performance shortboards and are looking a single board that can do it all in a slightly shorter/wider package.

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