Roberts Dreamcatcher Hydroflex 6'0"

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The Roberts Dreamcatcher promises 2-10ft range in one board that can catch any wave.

6'0" x 19.75" x 2.56"
Round Pin Tail
Tri/Quad 5 Fin (Future)
Vol: 34.21L

*Stock tri/quad fin set included.

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With Roberts Surfboards world acclaimed success with it’s White Diamond series, it was only a matter of time before they knocked it out of the park with a hybrid design focused on average to sizeable surf. The Dreamcatcher makes a great compliment to any groveler or small wave board, extending the total range of your quiver from ankle high with your small wave gear to seriously overhead surf with your Dreamcatcher.

Roberts Dreamcatcher Tech Specs:
• Full hybrid nose outline
• Flatter overall rocker with nose flip
• Single to double concave bottom shape
• Full rails for paddle power and stability
• Round pintail

What we like:
So far, 4 of our REAL team have surfed the Dreamcatcher and every one of them came back saying it caught EVERY wave they paddled for. We surfed it in everything for thigh high mush to overhead wind bombs and when it comes to paddle speed, beating current and wave count, not much is going to beat the Dreamcatcher. Our crew also made comment on the flip in the nose saving a ton of late, critical drops where they thought the flatter rocker definitely would have pearled. Wave count and confidence in larger surf are two of this boards fortes. When conditions get challenging with a ton of moving water, larger surf and late drops, the Dreamcatcher adds a solid dose of confidence and performance that allows your wave count to remain high and the adrenaline factor to go through the roof.

Combining a wide/flat wave catching front with a control oriented round pin out the back makes for a board that works well when your local beach break getting spinning as well as when you travel to larger open faced points, especially those that require longer paddles or battling current.

On the smaller side of things, the Dreamcatcher can also double duty in average surf (not grovel surf) thanks to its compact size, wider nose, full rails and flatter rocker. Think of it as an average to epic day board (for home) and an incredible travel board due to its incredible overall range.

The Dreamcatcher fits in well into existing Roberts quivers (Robert recommends sizing it 1” longer than your White Diamond), as well as complimenting the “grovel board explosion” with so many wide, flat boards out there today. Add a Dreamcatcher to any groveler and your quiver is ready for anything you will find at most beaches.

Roberts Dreamcatcher vs …Lost Mini Driver
What do they call this? The Big Elephant in the Room?! Let’s get on it and take a ride!

Many will think these boards are similar and in some ways they fit in the same “category” of boards, but in your hands and under your feet you can really feel the differences:

The Roberts Dreamcatcher has a wider nose, flatter rocker and fuller rails. This makes it a better paddler, better wave catcher, more stable with slightly wider overall range.

The …Lost Mini Driver has a narrower nose, more rocker and more foiled rails and tail. This loosens up the board for advanced surfers and allows for more margin of error (or on purpose) of oversizing the board.

Insider Info:
It’s easy to swallow the cool aid and think this board will do everything, but we know that’s normally not possible, especially since “everything” gets smaller and bigger every year thanks to dedicated grovelers and plutonium-powered guns. It’s also safe to assume that Robert meant 2-10ft mainland scale, not 10ft Hawaiian, although there have been some Roberts team freaks charging Sunset on 5’8 Dreamcatchers (what?!) All this aside, with the Dreamcatcher, you can get an incredible range out of the board as long as you follow this advice:

1. Don’t oversize it. LISTEN to recommendations and size it accordingly. Some boards can be ridden “big”, like those with vee bottom shapes or those with a ton of foil out the rails and tail. The Dreamcatcher was not designed to be ridden “big” so don’t size it that way. It paddles so fast and easy, you don’t need “safety foam” to get into waves. The design carries foam everywhere (to the rails, as well as to the nose and tail) so when you get a “bigger one just to be safe” it will end up feeling really big and you’re going to start losing on-wave performance quickly. Going too big will also cause your small wave performance to suffer as the board will feel bulky, long and sluggish in smaller waves if oversized. Robert’s recommendation of 1” inch longer than your White Diamond (or similar) is spot on.

2. Experiment with different fins. Most Dreamcatchers come with 5-fin setups. While the board works well tri or quad in better surf, it really likes the quad to help loosen it up and get the gas on in smaller/softer waves. You don’t have a wide tail to push off to generate speed in softer conditions, so the extra speed that quads generate help open the door to softer conditions.

Why you want a Roberts Dreamcatcher:
You’ve got your small wave game dialed and want a board that will bring home the bacon in average to epic conditions.


Hydroflex 3D rooted vacuum bag tchnology infuses the fiberglass INTO the blank. This creates an ultra-strong bond between the two reducing the chances of delams that eventually lead to buckles. Made in the USA.

Natural construction starts with a hand shaped, PU blank with a stringer. This produces a familiar PU feel that's significantly lighter and stronger than standard PU/Poly Boards.

Lasts 2x longer than standard PU/Poly boards.

"They're really light for PU boards because the lamination process removes all unneeded resin. Kolohe Andino needed boards that were lighter and stronger, but still wanted the tried and true feeling of PU blanks, so we made him a few for his latest quiver." ...Lost Shaper Matt Biolos

Hydroflex boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have excellent flex characteristics. They are glassed with epoxy, so they give you a more natural and lively feel compared to a surfboard glassed with poly. Boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have Hydroflex "Set flex" and don't require air. Stringer P/U blanks and epoxy resin components keep the boards extremely light weight. We use the Hydroflex patented 3-dimensional bonding structure.

• Natural feeling through epoxy glassing
• Great performance
• Extremely light weight
• Great flex characteristics comparable to the "SuperCharger"
• Hydroflex 3D glassing for stronger Surfboards compared to standard P/U
• More affordable than a SuperCharger
• Completely customizable shapes and glassing

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