Roberts Black Dump Truck 5'8"

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The Roberts Black Dump Truck maxes out the high performance shortboard concept for small mushy waves.

5'8" x 18.625" x 2.187"
Squash Tail
Tri Fin (Future)

*Stock tri fin set included.

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The Roberts Black Dump Truck combines the Black Diamond Nose with a wide and powerful squash tail out the back. It differs from the Roberts Black Punt with a slightly thicker nose foil, wider mid widths and wider tail block all which create an incredibly powerful shortboard for small to moderate surf conditions.

Black Dump Truck Tech Specs:
• Full HP Nose both in outline and foil
• Generous mid widths
• Wide powerful squash tail
• Single to shallow double concave bottom shape
• 5-fin convertible

What we like:
The Roberts Black Dump Truck is a super powerful high performance shortboard that excels in smaller to medium sized surf that needs some extra speed from the board design. Since there are so many choices in HP shortboards, we order up the Black Dump Trucks shorter with wider widths to maximize their smaller or mushy wave performance. These boards still hold when it gets good and hollow but not as well as the Black Punt. The BDT is really easy to surf with it’s wider width and flatter entry rocker so don’t shy away from it if it’s your first pointy nosed board. Above average surfers will like this board if they’re not feeling the hybrid movement but want to add more power to their small wave game.

What we don’t like:
The name of this board isn’t really fitting for how well this board surfs. That was really tough to say given how nice a guy Robert is and how hard this board rips. Can we just call it the Roberts BDT? You can switch over to this board from an easy riding hybrid and not loose any waves AND increase your maneuverability dramatically.

Why you want a Black Dump Truck:
The Roberts BDT packs some serious ponies (horsepower) and gets you ripping in conditions where the potato chips lack the punch.

Roberts Description
The Black Dump Truck is a Black Diamond with a squash tail. This design was made to compliment and be a stepped-up version of the White Diamond or White Dump Truck. We added three inches, narrowed it a half an inch and added a touch of rocker to the nose and tail. By making these changes, we have given this board the ability to handle much bigger surf than the White Diamond.

Slightly more than the White Diamond to help control speed.

Medium Full Rails with tucked hard edges to handle high speed turns.

Tri fin is standard. Also works well as a quad. Five fin convertible is a great option.

Single concave for speed.

1 to 6 foot faces

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