Pyzel Rat Skull Hydroflex 5'6"

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5'6" x 20.5" x 2.38"
Squash Tail
Tri/Quad 5 Fin (Future)
Hydroflex Natural
Vol: 30.4L

*Stock tri/quad fin set included.

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Pyzel Description
The Rat Skull was designed with a few things in mind-getting you into the water on even the small, crappy days, and making you super stoked that you paddled out! Super short, flat and chunky, the Rat Skull paddles great, creates speed effortlessly, flies through the weakest sections, and still snaps and carves. The bottom has a little Vee in the nose, running into double concave and solid Vee out the tail. The double concave through most of the bottom helps create speed, while still letting the board roll rail-to-rail with ease.


Hydroflex 3D rooted vacuum bag tchnology infuses the fiberglass INTO the blank. This creates an ultra-strong bond between the two reducing the chances of delams that eventually lead to buckles. Made in the USA.

Natural construction starts with a hand shaped, PU blank with a stringer. This produces a familiar PU feel that's significantly lighter and stronger than standard PU/Poly Boards.

Lasts 2x longer than standard PU/Poly boards.

"They're really light for PU boards because the lamination process removes all unneeded resin. Kolohe Andino needed boards that were lighter and stronger, but still wanted the tried and true feeling of PU blanks, so we made him a few for his latest quiver." ...Lost Shaper Matt Biolos

Hydroflex boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have excellent flex characteristics. They are glassed with epoxy, so they give you a more natural and lively feel compared to a surfboard glassed with poly. Boards with "The Natural" surfboard design have Hydroflex "Set flex" and don't require air. Stringer P/U blanks and epoxy resin components keep the boards extremely light weight. We use the Hydroflex patented 3-dimensional bonding structure.

• Natural feeling through epoxy glassing
• Great performance
• Extremely light weight
• Great flex characteristics comparable to the "SuperCharger"
• Hydroflex 3D glassing for stronger Surfboards compared to standard P/U
• More affordable than a SuperCharger
• Completely customizable shapes and glassing

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