O'Neill Mutant 4/3 Wetsuit

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You will find the Mutant to be the most versatile 4/3 wetsuit on the market.
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Most 4/3 suits are available with a hood or without a hood, but the Mutant comes complete with both.
The Modular Chest Zip system allows you to zip on a standard neck closure or a hood and you don't have to sacrifice any performance. If you only want one suit that can cover a massive range of water temps, look no further than the O’Neill Mutant.

Mutant Tech Specs:
• Chest Zip: Convertible with Hood and Standard Neck Closure
• Chest Zip Modular System
• Single Fluid Seam Weld
• Super Stretch Neoprene

What we like:
A blend of ultra and fluid stretch neoprene offers amazing stretch on the Mutant. The connected hood adds a ton of warmth to this suit, so you have a huge temperature range that the Mutant covers.

What we don’t like:
Chest zip suits are not as easy to get in or out of compared to back zip suits.

Why you want a Muntant:
Any one that knows wetsuits will tell you having a seamed hood built in makes all the difference in cold water.

O'Neill's Description:
Maximum versatility and high-performance materials! The Mutant 4/3 is a cold water suit that’s going to handle almost anything. Good for water temps into the mid to low 40s and maybe even lower. With the hood attachment, you’re going to be warm, even in the coldest of days. This suit should be fine for almost the entire US Pacific coast, even on the coldest days.

Accept no limitations. O'Neill's unique Modular Closure system makes the Mutant the most versatile wetsuit. Now with an eaiser entry and new graphics. The Mutant is built with UltraFlex DS, UltraFlex Firewall and the all new FluidFlex neoprene technology, making the Mutant warmer and more flexible than ever before. Two suits in one, now so some work son.
O'neill Mutant wetsuit review by Tommie Kogut:

This is our most popular wetsuit at REAL because you get a lot of water temp range out of it. The other reason is that it is really stretchy and not that expensive for what you get.

REAL Pro Tip:Make sure you change your hood and collar before you put the suit on as it is next to impossible to change the hood or collar by yourself if you have the suit on.

Customer Reviews

  1. Mutant 4/3 Great Suit

    by JNH on December 17, 2012

    Very warm, comfy, and flexible. Strap on hood and its lights out for the wind and cold.
    Its more difficult to get out of than other chest zips i've owned, however this is probably why its hard for water to get in. Key holder on the leg is way more efficient than other locations. You don't have to strip suit halfway off if you need something in your car. The only feature I don't like is the zipper. It feels wimpy, like it belongs on a change purse. I'm anticipating it to break. All in all, incredible suit.
  2. The suit that keeps giving

    by Nuzzi on September 1, 2012

    I have had a few Mutants and this is the suit I always go back to. It has plenty of stretch and warmth and the detachable hood is great.

    For Hatteras, I find that it works as my cold water suit for most conditions with the hood.

    The neck really opens up for easy chest zip entry.

    Love this wetsuit!
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