Zero to Hero Kite Camp kicks into high gear for August!

by REAL Watersports

August is one of our most popular months for Zero to Hero Kite Camp and Private Kiteboarding Lessons. Why? Warm, shallow water and consistent winds make for perfect kiteboarding conditions. Plus, at this time of the year, people are kiteboarding at almost every beach around the world and when you see kiteboarding for the first time….you want to learn to kiteboard!

REAL’s blowing it up this August with 9 Zero to Hero Kite Camps held during the month of August, including 4 of these on WEEKEND DATES! If you’re looking for one-on-one private instruction, REAL also teaches private kiteboarding lessons 7 days a week.

Why come to REAL? We get this question almost every day. Ask yourself this…Do you learn how to snowboard in Florida? Or learn how to scuba dive in Alaska? Then why try to learn to kiteboard in a place that’s not the best for learning? We have perfect conditions with the best coaches and facilities in the world. Push the easy button and come to REAL:

“Just to let you know, I spent the day with the kite surfing school here in Italy. What a difference! I'm so stoked I learned in Cape Hatteras at REAL. Truly a different caliber! I bit my tongue more than a few times, and it was a bit frustrating for sure. It's almost like stepping back in time when I see how they teach, compared to how I learned at REAL...” -Todd Meyer

What else is going on in August? For one, most families have the month of August off from school. This makes it a perfect time for family vacations or weekend trips. REAL Kids Camp is perfect for groms ages 7-12years old. We also have many families taking Zero to Hero WITH their kids, or parents in Zero to Hero Kite Camp and kids in Zero to Hero Surf Camp. With Watermen’s Retreat deluxe accommodation right onsite, it makes for the perfect family or group getaway.

As we’re posting this news, it’s blowing SW 20+mph. This is our Cape Hatteras “Hero Wind”, smooth and steady! It’s Day 2 of Zero to Hero Kite Camp and all the riders are up and riding. Keep in mind that yesterday they were all complete beginners. None of them had even flown trainer kites!

Summer is only half way over. It’s time to make the most of the second half! Book your REAL Zero to Hero Camp Today!

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